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December 11, 2006

Topic Summary: Windows Vista

Over the past few months, the public's knowledge of Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows Vista, has grown exponentially. Some expect it to be a masterpiece that will drastically change the way we use or computers every day. Others think it will be a flop and people will stick with Windows XP, or move to other operating systems such as OSX and Linux. While the ultimate fate of Windows Vista won't actaully begin to play out until its release in early 2007, we certainly have a much better idea of what is in store for us than we did 4 months ago.
At the beginning of the semester, almost nobody outside of Microsoft had seen anything even closely resembling the final product of Vista. All that anyone really knew about it was the broad general details that Microsoft provided. Most expectations were based solely on rumors spread around the web.
Then, Microsoft released a beta version of the operating system, giving users around the world a hands-on chance to play with Vista. While a beta release is similar to a rough draft of a report, people were able to check out some of the new features Vista offers. Reviews have largely been mixed; some love it, others hate it. Those who love it say it streamlines their computing experience, making almost everything easier and more convenient. Those who hate it tend to focus on its vulnerability to viruses and malware, saying it has all the same problems that XP does.
Just last week, the corporate version of Vista was released. There has been much speculation over how many companies will bother upgrading from XP to Vista, especially at a time when many firms are cutting back on their IT spending. It is still too soon to make an definitive claims about the value of Vista. Whether or not it will have a notable impact on the business world remains to be seen.
For the rest of us, we will have to wait until early 2007 to get our hands on a final copy of Vista. From the video clips and screen shots out there, it looks great, but the final verdict will definitely depend on its actually functionality.

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