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October 22, 2006

Search Tip # 1

Hardware Questions

I believe I can speak confidently for the majority of internet users when I say that if you've ever needed to look up information via the internet, one of the first places, if not the first, place you to go to is Google. Thus, it becomes very important, time wise, to be able to effectively use this web broswer/internet search engine.

Therefore, one tip I have found when trying to define my search results is the ability to use the "more" web search link on Google's main page. To get this from the main page, you click on the "more" tab, then click on "even more." The next page that follows will allow you to pick what types of search results will be displayed, whether scholarly, images, books, etc.

This tip is useful when you are trying to look up something specific, and after you search for it, you wind up getting 1 million results or something like that. It is frustrating, and a total waste of time, when this happens. So, by using the "more" tab on Google's search engine, you can confine your search so your results are more useful.

Steps to Use This Tip

    1. Go to Google
    2. Click on "more" ... It is above the search bar
    3. Click on "Even More"
    4. Click on one of the links below
    5. Have Fun Googling!

Posted by helefter at October 22, 2006 02:56 AM


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