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November 28, 2006

New Security Products- What's Next? (9)

New Security Products- What's Next?

Newest Security Releases

In the past, computer security software has aimed to stop viruses and other malicious programs once they enter your personal pc; not anymore my friends. Newer software is aiming to prevent the interaction between you and harmful programs altogether, essentially snipping the weed at its bud so to speak.(See Story)

Currently, McAfee and other well known businesses tailored to your security needs (i.e. Microsoft and Mozilla Firefox) are coming up with new ways to avoid this contact. Some of these tools include "phishing" blockers within the new Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers, along with a "SiteAdvisor" blocking any known threat and prompting users for access for potential threats.

Each one of these new enhancements will be included on top of the normal antivirus software and pop-up blockers normally included in a typical software package.

Lastly, and perhaps one of the more spoken about privacy issues, is that of spam email. Currently, GMail (Google Mail) has created and even more efficient way to recognize spam email from illegitimate providers. In a recent article titled Google’s Gmail Learns How to Spot Spam Google claims that it has "gotten 15 times better at distinguishing legitimate commercial e-mail messages from spam." This is good news for GMail users, and bad news for spammers. Google is also giving credibility to "Techies" that locate and report bug huntersChalk on their webpage... Chalk another one up for the good guys.

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