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November 05, 2006

Windows XP Exposed (4)

<align=center>Windows XP Exposed </>

For a number of years, the Windows Operating System has had the reputation of being inferior to other operating systems when discussing user security. Being the most widespread and widely used operating system in the world today, it's easy to see why safety and security amongst window’s users is so important.

This year has been no different; in a recent article , yet again Windows has been scrutinized for its security vulnerabilities with its XP operating system. Security researchers say hackers have published code allowing hackers to disable the XP firewall on computers running the XP system. This would give hackers the opportunity to plant malicious code via the internet.

For consumers, it is always troubling to hear that sensitive information is not always 100% secure when signing on to the internet. AIM, Google, EBAY, Windows, Mac OS X and YahooMail all have become household names across the world, and each one of them relies on premise that they can safety provide their service to their customers. So what can consumers do to help themselves? Here is a short list of what users can do to help protect themsevles when using the internet: