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November 24, 2008

The Society for Neuroscience

Researchers from tenured professors to undergraduate students all over the world are a part of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) . The SfN sends out a monthly newsletter that allows members to stay on the cutting edge of Neuroscience research developments. This newsletter includes recently published articles and upcoming conference events and details.

The mission of the society is to advance the understanding of the brain and nervous system, provide career development opportunities for research professionals, and to promote understanding and information to the general public.

One of the career development opportunities SfN provides is its annual conference. This conference incorporates thousands of poster sessions with guest speakers and even opportunities for technical development companies to sell their newest products. This years Neuroscience 2008 was hosted in Washington D.C. and had over 31,000 attendees.

This year was my first opportunity to experience the Neuroscience conference. I had heard about it since the beginning of my time in the lab. When I first walked into the convention center it was a bit overwhelming. I couldn’t help but feel out of place, especially being a business major instead of Neuroscience or pre-med of some kind. However, as I walked around I realized that this conference is like the world series of research conferences. Everyone is there and buzzing with excitement. At lab dinners all my coworkers would reminisce about their first conference or the most exciting symposia they had been to. I watched as old colleagues caught up and showed off their new positions or lab credentials. As different an experience as it was, it was exciting. I finally got to participate in an event everyone at work looks forward to year round. And I understand why now. It’s a bit of a rush giving a presentation and spotting in the crowd a professor whose research papers you have studied or whose experiments you have attempted to re-create for months.

The Neuroscience conference provides not only an amazing experience for professionals to network with one another or exchange ideas, but it also provides an opportunity for old colleagues to catch up or young researchers to meet the founders of their field.

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