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October 30, 2007


Hey guys. So let's get back to Britney Spears. Her new album just recently dropped. It's titled Blackout.

I'm not planning to get it since I didn't like her first song off the album- "Gimme More". Her planned comeback performance at the MTV Music Award didn't do much to convince me. There's been some mixed reviews about the new album. Critic Jim Farber described the album as "If a blow-up sex doll could sing, this is what she'd sound like". While on the other hand, Entertainment Weekly gave it a rating of B+. I guess we'll just have to be the judge ourselves. Most of her songs have been leaked onto the internet so if you're still debating about whether or not to the buy the album, click on the site below. It has all of the leaked songs so take a listen:

Britney says Blackout stands for "blacking out negativity and embracing life". Her last album "In The Zone" came out 3 years ago and she has changed so much since then. Her record company says that her second single will be released soon- by mid-November. I'm hoping the next single will be better and display more of her singing abilities rather than her just chanting "gimme, gimme".

So before I completely give up on Britney, let's hope that she'll prove everyone wrong and show everyone that she still has it. It's going to be tough because there's a lot of pressure and the world is watching her. The paparazzi tails her and every mistake she makes is magnified. We'll see Britney...

Posted by jasminez at October 30, 2007 10:59 AM


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