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November 21, 2007

Britney Updates

Britney Spears has been keeping quiet recently and out of the spot light. But there are still rumors flying about. Here's a compiled list of all the recent gossip:

1) Britney is trying to adopt a pair of Chinese twins. People are saying that Britney is in the final stages of adopting twins as a result of losing custody of her two boys. She feels empty without them and maybe wants a second chance at motherhood. You can read the full story at http://www.smh.com.au/news/people/spears-to-adopt-chinese-twins--report/2007/11/26/1195975912015.html
2) There may be a new love interest in Britney's life- a waiter at Mirabelle named Michael Marchand. Although both deny a relationship, they have been spotted together. Britney's friends say that it's just a fling but who knows, maybe it'll turn into something more.
3) Britney Spears was caught driving without a valid California license and now her lawyer is saying that she is being treated unfairly. The court is considering a 24 month probation and Britney's lawyer says that the court has never treated such a violation so harshly before. Britney's lawyer is fighting to get Britney no probation at all. But this video clip of Britney running three stop signs doesn't help her case:http://perezhilton.com/?p=9404
4) Britney's Blackout album came in at a disappointing number 23 on the Billboard chart, selling only 51,520 copies. She didn't even make the top 20. Comeback? Not so much.

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