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November 11, 2007

Britney and Her Kids

The custody battle for Sean Preston and Jayden James continues between Britney and Kevin Federline. Presently, Kevin is winning the battle. Britney is only allowed to see her kids once a week under the court's supervision and is mandated to take random drug tests. You would think that if Britney really wanted her kids back, she would do everything she could to get them back. The main argument that the court has against her is that she's not a responsible mother. Rather than trying to prove them wrong and making sure that all her actions support her claim of being a good mother, Britney does the opposite.

Britney has been criticized for feeding her kids unhealthy food like chips and giving her kids soda. In "Peoples" magazine, they said that Britney would ask her kids to get her cigarettes and she would refer to them as "mommy's lollipops". Her parenting coach says that Britney doesn't know when to feed or change her kids, and when she's allowed to visit her kids, she takes them shopping with her rather than spending quality time with them. Her partying lifestyle has also been questioned in terms of being a responsible mother. The list goes on and on.

Britney had just made headlines again as a result of her bad driving skills. Her driving history consists of driving over a few paparazzi and deputy officer's feet and driving while holding Sean Preston in her lap. Now, Britney has even more to add to her driving record. In the last week alone, she has been photographed and videotaped committing multiple traffic infractions — running a red light and making an illegal turn, and crossing double yellow lines to overtake another vehicle — while either talking or texting on her cell phone. All this while her kids are in the backseat. In response to these incidents, Kevin Federline has just asked the court to prevent Britney from driving her kids. This definitely doesn't help Britney's case in gaining custody of her kids again. Here's a picture that mocks Britney's parenting skills:

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