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December 07, 2007


So just after turning 26, Britney is back in the spotlight. A week ago, while out celebrating her birthday, Britney partied with friend Paris Hilton, but now the two don't seem to be on very good terms. Britney is now threatening to release a video featuring Paris Hilton in a compromising position with another woman, questioning her sexuality. Unless Paris agrees to stop being rude to Britney and her entourage, Britney plans to release the tape. It's going to be another catfight. I wonder what Paris could have done to Britney to make Britney so upset, but whatever it may be, I'm sure we'll be hearing more about it later on. It seems as if friendships don't last very long in Tinsel Towm.

Maybe Britney is jealous of Paris and is just trying to bring her down. After all, Britney has a lot of personal issues to deal with herself. It has been recently reported that Britney Spears will be replaced by a body double in her nude photo shoot for Blender Magazine. The magazine apparently thinks that Britney is “too out of shape” and plans to replace her body with a double. The magazine plans to use a “more in shape” model in place of Britney's body and an ad has been published in search of appropriate models. Britney may not be as in shape as she was before, but is really necessary to get a body double? Britney is definitely not overweight and her physique is now more like that of an average woman. By putting her real self on the magazine, it shows the public that it's ok if you're not stick thin and that it's normal. I agree that the old Britney had a better body and was more attractive, but the Britney now has had two kids and is more real than the pop princess we use to know. Here's Britney now
and Britney then

Which picture displays what the average person looks like? I wish that Britney's body was the typical physique but it's not, so we should instead try to embrace what we have. Since so many people look towards celebrities to set their standards of beauty, celebrities should initiate the change by asking magazine companies to show them as who they really are- without all the airbrushing and body doubles. I don't see the point of a magazine featuring a celebrity when they're actually using someone else's body instead. It is also probably quite humiliating for Britney to be asked to agree to a body double. Hopefully the public image of women will change in the future and lead to a more diverse definition of beauty.

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December 02, 2007

Britney is 26!

Britney started to celebrate her 26th birthday this Saturday, and what did she receive on her big day? Maybe four white coats from designer Katja Berglund. Britney has been accused of stealing the coats after partying with friends, including Paris Hilton, at the Scandinavian Style Mansion on Saturday night. After leaving the venue, a few coats were discovered to be missing, costing a total of $28,200. Although the situation has yet to be confirmed, this wouldn't be the first time that Britney has stolen something. Just last week, she was reported to have swiped a wig off a mannequin as she stormed out of Hollywood sex shop.

Aside from the coat situation, Britney received a $10,000 diamond and gold ring, $4,000 in Barito brand sunglasses, and various t-shirts and hair products- some pretty nice birthday presents. After leaving the Scandinavian Style Mansion, Spears and her crew continued the festivities at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills till 4:30 in the morning. The next day, Britney spent her actual birthday with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. However, according to her custody agreement, Britney is prohibited from consuming drugs or alcohol within 12 hours of being with her kids. Hopefully no one took a picture of her drinking late Saturday night.

If you want more details about Britney's birthday, here's a video clip from that night: http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1330350960

Although most people wouldn't consider this year to have been Britney's best year, Britney did win the honor of being the top celebrity search on Yahoo. In the past seven years, Britney has been top ten on the list but this year, she came is first, followed by "Paris Hilton" and "Anna Nicole Smith". This shows that Britney still has a chance for a comeback since people are still interested in her. I guess bad press is better than no press. As much as people bash Britney, they just can't stop talking about her. You have to give her credit for maintaining everyone's interest and doing it without selling a hit record.

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