September 28, 2006

Hardware Questions

Group 78

Lucy Wen, Kelsey Owens and Jeff Gurr

1. What is Blu-ray and HD-Dvd? We have read articles on the internet about the two different formats and the format war being battled it Hollywood led by Sony and Toshiba. We don’t understand the different capacities of each disk, but also what they mean for the end consumer and there capabilities above the current dvd format?

We decided on this question because in keeps coming up in popular media and we would like to know what is going on with each format.

2. What is the ‘core’ of a processor and how will have more cores as Intel mentions in this article,, increase computer speeds? What does this mean for commercial consumers and home pc user? How does having more cores contribute to making smaller faster processors for portable devices?

3. If a computer is running slower than usual, what are the steps that someone should take to fix it?
Every time that someone buys a new computer, it would run at a decent speed, but eventually it would become slower and slower. Often people try to speed it up by deleting large and unused files, but my computer would still run very slowly. Perhaps something is wrong with my hard drive, or maybe it should be reformatted.

4. What is RSS and why on the bottom of many news and websites does it have an RSS link and ‘feed for this page’? When we click on the link what sort of code is displayed and what is it most commonly used for? Why is this feature on most websites?

This feature is on most news website and we are curious of its functionality and why everyone has it on their sites.

5. What is linux and why is preferred by so many computer people? Is it actually preferred by computer people? Where does my perception that linux is a complicated system used primarily by computer nerds come from and is it true? What advantages does it have over Windows or Mac OS and what is the likely hood that it will ever be mainstreamed?

With windows vista coming out soon linux is discussed more and more in the media and we asked this question to understand what is it all about.

6. Microsoft is coming out with a new product, the Zune, which can be used for music, pictures, and video playback (similar to the iPod). What do the features WiFi, HDD, and QVGA mean when describing the capabilities of this product? - found online while looking for new products through

7. What is the function of a sound card? Where is it located?
The sound system on my laptop broke down for a while, or at least I thought it did. Then I received a message from the system on my laptop saying that I needed to download a software to support the sound card of my laptop. I had no idea that computers had sound cards until then, so I would like to know more about it.

8. What are RAID controllers/adaptors? They are included on a lot of hardware information sites online, but there is no description for what they do.
- found while browsing for hardware information through

9. What is it about Mac hardware that prevents it from getting viruses?
- always wanted to know, knew TV ads about PCs vs. Macs

10. How do we recover lost or deleted files from the hard drive? If our hard drive fails on us, can we still retrieve those files?
I have had troubles in the past where I would delete a file by accident, and then realized my recycling bin has been emptied out, too. Sometimes those files were very important, so it would be helpful if it is possible to trace back to something that has already been deleted.

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September 27, 2006


Hello World.

Chapter 1 HTML tutorial Chapter 2

HTML tutorial

Headings are cool!

Chapter 3

HTML tutorial

Headings are cool!

Bold text is fun!
Underline is cool too!

Title goes here

Body goes here

Headings are cool!

I can use text links... Visit Jgurr's Blog!

HTML Tutorial

Chapter 5

Headings are cool!

div is also a cool tag!
This link should be red if you haven't visited Jgurr's Blog and green if you have. Chapter 6 HTML Tutorial

Chapter 7

Headings are cool!

Fonts and Colors Are Cool Hey I'm Yellow Text... Change my color!
Hey I'm Purple Change My Color!
Navigation is Cool This Is Section One
Click Here to Go to Section 2!

This Is Section Two
Click Here to Go to Section 3!

This Is Section Three
Click Here to Go to Section 1!

My Blog is Cool! HTML Tutorial Chapter 12

Headings are cool!


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September 07, 2006

BIT 200

QuickPost | Movable Type Publishing Platform

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