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November 19, 2006


I happen to be on the Linguistics Department's Undergraduate Committee (well, all right, not really just happen to be -- in fact, I would have thrown a hissy fit if I hadn't been put on that committee, since I'm very concerned with the migration of linguistics to the undergraduate curriculum, and eventually to the secondary and primary curricula -- but that's a matter for another post).

Anyway, last week all us faculty in Linguistics received an email invitation from Touchstone Pictures to a local screening of Mel Gibson's new flick Apocalypto, filmed in Yukatek Maya, the same way his previous blockbuster was filmed in Latin and Aramaic. Touchstone seems not to know the difference between language departments and a linguistic department, but never mind -- that's just another example of how linguistics is the best-kept secret in America.

I suggested to our Linguistics Club that this would make a terrific event, and received some enthusiastic support. So (¡ojalá!) if we get enough tickets, we'll have a short teach-in beforehand, and then troop over en masse to see Apocalypto a week after Thanksgiving. Sounds like fun. And even a bit of preference for those of us actually concerned with funny languages.

I did a little online research on various topics and compiled a Web page of resources that might be of interest to anyone seeing the film who's interested in the language, culture, and history of the Maya. There's plenty more, gods know, but this will certainly do for starts.


Posted by jlawler at November 19, 2006 04:45 PM


well... if it's free* I'm excited about going.

*and I can bring jen. :)

Posted by: clunis at November 19, 2006 09:53 PM

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