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December 11, 2006

Going Postal

Last week in the New York Times there was a piece about all the problems inherent in voting technology, and the fact that some Federal Commission (Republican, of course) had once again failed to deal with them, this time under the rubric of not wanting to "overwhelm state voting officials."

A couple days later there was an Op-Ed piece pointing out the glaring fact that vote-by-mail has been a runaway success in many states.

I now vote in Washington State, in one of the counties that are 100% mail voting, like Oregon. I'd voted in Washtenaw County, Michigan, for years as an "absentee", but in Whatcom County, Washington, all votes are mail votes.

It really seems like a good idea. Why does the USA need another divisive holiday? Let the former Election Day be the day when the votes are counted and announced. The next day can be the holiday, for celebration or recrimination, those two American sacraments. /ʔɪnʃaʕaɭɭaħ/.

Posted by jlawler at December 11, 2006 10:29 PM


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