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January 06, 2007

ICD for information security

Rick Wash and I published a paper at the USENIX Hot Topics in Security Workshop in August 2006 titled "Incentive-Centered Design for Information Security". From the abstract:

Humans are "smart components" in a system, but cannot be directly programmed to perform; rather, their autonomy must be respected as a design constraint and incentives provided to induce desired behavior. Sometimes these incentives are properly aligned, and the humans don't represent a vulnerability. But often, a misalignment of incentives causes a weakness in the system that can be exploited by clever attackers. Incentive-centered design tools help us understand these problems, and provide design principles to alleviate them. We describe incentive-centered design and some tools it provides. We provide a number of examples of security problems for which incentive- centered design might be helpful. We elaborate with a general screening model that offers strong design principles for a class of security problems.

I will start posting some short examples from this position paper concerning thoughts about the relevance of ICD to a variety of information security problems.

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