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September 11, 2012

Conflict in Syria

Violence and revolt have not yet ceased in Syria, and the conflict continues to draw attention from foreign actors. In recent news, Syria accused France of arming rebel troops while at the same time calling for a peaceful resolution between the two sides. As a major actor in the Syrian conflict, France appears to be using a double-sided approach to achieve its paramount goal of uprooting Bashar al-Assad, the current Syrian President. Syria, the other actor in this case, perceives this move as a political paradox with claims that France is kindling the rebels’ violent uprising while also pledging for a peaceful resolution through the United Nations. France and Syria’s completely different perceptions of each other’s driving goals are what create the hostile environment between the two. France sees the Syrian government’s continued killing of civilians as an act of senseless tyranny and that in aiding rebel troops, at least the fighting will come at a cost to the Syrian government. Syria on the other hand, argues that France’s support of militarization prevents both sides from coming to a peaceful resolution. In over a year of fighting, France wants to speed up the resolution process by a means of armed protection on the side of the rebels, who still face violent interaction from the Syrian Army. The Syrian government though argues that it has begun negotiating peace and cannot comply unless all sides are on the same page.

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