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March 31, 2006

Sean Luke

RIP Sean Luke.....I weep for my country....

Click here for more details...although you may wish you didn't...

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March 30, 2006


How yuh gonna put somebody from the Caribbean in a place that is basically southern Canada and not expect them to relish a high of 66 (?) today. The FIRST DAY OF SHORT-SLEEVES for the year!!! (at least for me..some people are just crazy...they include those who run in -10 degree weather at 2 in the morning and those who wear short sleeves in the 30-50 degree weather range...50 degrees is just not hot enough...sorry). Anyway, I know I've been pretty disappointing with blog entries compared to my contemporaries (other black, gay, Trinidadian, graduate students..Colin? Hello?) but this boy be weary. Glad for the space tho....I'll try to keep it the meantime, let there be heat!!!

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March 29, 2006

Moving on

As I write I breathe...upon waking all my thoughts, desires, disappointments, hopes, wishes, fears and past and present possibilities come to mind. I look up and see light that is mine to walk in, but feel confined to the dark. Depressing, eh?? Well each new day means new possibilities and sometimes it is easy to forget that. When I'm not mindful of this, mindful of all that is out there for me, and working towards fulfilling the life I am meant to live, and the life that is being offered to me, I do feel depressed. But then I pick myself up, or rather I let God point me to where I need to go. So waking up late need not mean that I will be late to everything else in this day or in my life. May I keep moving on...on and up.

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March 25, 2006

Saturday morning and I am awake

I'm reading about the desire for control as i study Motivation for prelims (doctoral candidacy exams) and I fully understand it. I am living this out as we speak...I need to pull myself together by hook or by crook (as the old ppl say) and get my work done today, which includes sight-reading lessons, house search, prelims studying, mechanisms work and working on about 3 papers...ok, maybe I won't be working on all those things today..but definitely most of them!!! I like what i do (Thank God) and need to stick my nose to the grindstone some more, particularly when I am not coughing up my right lung. So studying and then opera (Rossini's Tancredi, which I opted out of before I started hacking and convulsing) and then more studying...I'm smiling already....

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March 23, 2006

Why we study organizations....

Steve Ballmer - Google Video

This is from one of the listservs I'm on through a professional organization....

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March 22, 2006

It's after midnight, about to go to sleep. Wondering if all the pain and suffering of a graduate student's career is meant to go unnoticed, since everyone's going through it, or if it's ok to go ahead and feel it. Having been through turbulent times recently and with the immediate situation of feeling ill, I sometimes wonder if relevant colleagues, peers and superiors see admitting shortcomings or taking a sick day are signs of weakness. I appreciate the blood, sweat and tears involved, believe me...My respect for what faculty do is only increasing with time. But I grow warily comfortable with taking on the pressures of life and school with some subdued form of acceptance. I'm used to talking about what's going on with me to people in general: disclosure as preventive medicine, so as to self-diagnose through reflection off the other and take care of what may be going awry. In turn, I welcome others to use me as a sounding board for their own issues. But recently I have started to stop considering my travails as travails and just as what I do with my life. Someone that loves me told me that I need to start taking ownership of what is going on around me, so I am doing that now. And with that, being ill and nauseated (thanks ISHTAR!!!!) isn't going to stop me from getting my work done. For my own sake I need to take care of myself and guard against affecting (and infecting) others, but I can also push myself more than I have before. In the end, I think I'll be alright...

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March 20, 2006


Been coughing up a storm wherever I go. Still had good classes, and leading discussion in Mechanisms was interesting to decide between rest and work....trying to do both (does that equal sleeping on the job?)

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JPS- the Michigan years: Friday night at the NECTO..what do YOU think happened???

Thanks for the reminder Colin...(my inspiration)...I've been sick and swamped with work all weekend, so I haven't gotten into details about the groping(s). I will soon...have no fear...hope you're taking care of yourself.

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March 18, 2006


So I'm reading about mediation and mechanisms in theory, and thinking that if you don't find what you are looking for when you experiment and manipulate and control and test, then supposedly you suck. Several (Pfeffer most loudly) have protested that science is about the knowledge of what works and DOESN'T work, and not just of what works. I agree with him, but I have an addendum: I think the real skill is in when one doesn't find what one expects, then what is the story that one CAN tell...Are you still capable of telling a story of what's going on here, given that you thought to examine a particular situation for one reason or another? You tell me...

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Friday night at the NECTO..what do YOU think happened???

This is a quick post, because I have to go do work...but don't forget to ask me about the hot blonde model chick who started to freak and grope me out of nowehere (do the dollar bills go to her or to me??), the Asian guy groping my ass without permission (screen-printed tank tops are a no-no) and the hottest dance moves seen in while....all for Mes' b'day and the first time I've been out dancing for the year, I think. A must-do soon....

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March 17, 2006

O Lenin!!

Shostakovich's 100th Birthday means that the UMS Choral Union will be singing their asses off in Russian...for 6 whole minutes. Come Comrades!!!! Let's knock back an ale in the pub while we wait for rest of the laddies to get back from raiding the Czar's palace....(it IS St. Paddy's day, aye!)

...okay...hopefully that's the lamest entry I ever post, but I'll leave it up as a benchmark against which to measure lameness of future posts...

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Sent out my first email to my friends telling them about this blog madness...let's see who's the first to read this message.....seriously...somebody read this, please!!!

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My first day

First day on the blog..hopefully will be inspired to keep on writing, since that's now my job!

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