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April 27, 2006

We run this...

oh oh oh!!!! So classes are done...for me that means classes for my graduate career are over- which means official classes in the rest of my adult life are done with...for now. It's funny how being overwhelmed makes you lose sight of what you have to do and the fact that you're capable of getting it done. I have prelims exams in the next few weeks and am trying to study, but am chafing at this cuz I just WANT A BREAK!!! But coming from the boy-who'd-like-some-cheese-with-that...I know that that's highly doable, not a problem and just not what I'd be complaining about- if I were the complaining type, of course. This was the hardest I think I have ever worked- even more than teachng (2 classes!) and being a student (2 whole classes- lol) last Fall. So reading more articles of things that don't interest me, in order to answer questions that don't apply to what interests me is far down on my list of Things I Wanna Do Right Now. (That last line was very American...maybe reading too much GQ? That's their journalistic style you know....)
Anyway...I was able to retreat into my own little world, called Naptime. But the thing is Naptime was being constantly invaded by pesky marauders called Screaming Kids From The Playground Across The Street. I think I managed to clear my head somewhere in-between attacks #123 and #1009876. Either way, I eventually rolled out of bed and thought to myself Wow, these kids (dem chirren in Trinispeak) have so much energy! Where d ass did all my energy go?" What I like about academia (at least here at Michigan) is that they make it a point to tell us to do what interests us- to always seek out what is passionate to us and then break it into a million little pieces in order to study it! I'm kidding- slightly. Luckily, I am around great people who would disagree and are always trying to gauge whether what I am talking about is my real passion or not. In the same way I can tell what I really excites me- it doesn't enervate the hell out of me, draining my soul and my physical energy. I love working on my dissertation ideas, the stuff that I am really interested in. I don't like the reading- but I guess I should do it. Those kids across the street are doing what they love- banging on stuff, throwing each other around, screaming at the top of their lungs, kicking the adults in the balls- they are happy mofos. While I look at kicking others in the balls as distasteful (what if they wanted to do it to me too?), I got lots of stuff to keep me going and wound up- I just need to stick to it, and build on it. For those of you who say that this blog entry is too touchy feely and you don't need this, then please leave. The playground is right on the corner of Ingalls St. and Cornwell Pl. Go throw each other around...

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April 16, 2006

More on Ray Fong

Check out this other blog entry for a slightly more nuanced view of the Adidas shoe story...

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Happy Easter

To all my friends, family, and those who might not love me back....Peace unto you all.

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April 11, 2006

Oh great....

Walking back home after midnight in this (very) early spring, with the moonlight on my face, I was wondering to myself what does it take to be recognized as great. When do people start putting together that the message matters so much more than the messenger, and what the messenger looks like, sounds like and comes from? I then realised that truly great people don't care about whether their message is shouted from the highest mountain and if their names are on everyone's lips. Great people speak, and quietly so. Their message is spoken and lived on the lowest streets and back-alleys, rather than on the mountaintops where no one else can actually hear their words. How do we pick out what is true to us amidst all the noise and idle chatter of the world? Is there someone great right next to us whose message is too understated, too simple and too truthful for us to hear? Sometimes I need to shut up and listen some more...

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April 07, 2006

Boys beware!!!!

This was probably the greates contributor to the nostalgic notion of the 50's being those "halcyon days of yore"....right? Good grief...

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April 06, 2006

ADIDAS Chinee shoe

These people have lost their damn minds....Click the title to see what I'm tawkin bout...

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April 02, 2006

Lessons from Maple Rd.

I'm like a little kid...I drove to Dearborn and back, and got a lil lost in the backwoods of Ann Arbor, cuz I missed my exit to "Downtown"...*sigh*...It was kinda nice to drive in the dark for a lil bit, trusting I was going in the right direction (cuz I knew where I was supposed to be going, but just didn't know the roads) and enjoying the stillness. Glad to see my friend from undergrad who was in town for business...she provided a welcome respite from the self-centered nature that grad school work can take on...I want (I typed "need" and deleted it, as "oughts" and "shoulds" are such a pain- and only reflect external pressures, rather than internal heartfelt desires)...so where was I? Oh yeah, I want to not let my relationships with good friends lapse just because of distance and "time". BOO! That's such a lame excuse to not touch base with people, and I get caught up in that more often than not. So onward with the week- I can make it a good one...

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April 01, 2006

Westwood Park??

So after a late night of guilt-reducing piecing together of work on a Friday night, I stepped out to meet Vera for her birthday at the Aut Bar. I'm not too sure if this has anything to do with being gay (maybe it does, and his cousin disowned him or something) but this little guy was grinding up on anything that walked by one minute and then the next minute he was sobbing onto the shoulder of the nearest lesbian!!! WTF??!!! ...and then he tried to hump her as a thank you. Ah yes, fun times....
...Later on that night, after meeting up with Jeff and the boys post-Necto and post NYPD (we can have a whole session about why every city has to have a late night food place (usu. pizza, sometimes burgers, doubles if you can get it on d island) near to clubs as people spill out into the night at 3 or 4 a.m.), we went over to Mark's place where I met Jeremy. Jeremy apparently spent 2 years in St. Thomas (USVI) and loved it. he also loved the Trini soap opera which was shamefully being broadcasted all over the Caribbean. Ay que lastima! Is Natasha Jones still on that? Michelle Khan? I thought they were both beautiful, but we all know that acting is not their calling in life. Anyway, it was great to run into someone who understood the politics (gay politics as well) of island life and appreciated the Caribbean in general. Hope to run into you again Jeremy! Ok...now I really have a masters thesis to finish revising....ciao amigos.

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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!!

That's the first thing you're supposed to say on the first day of the month to have good luck (or whatever) for the rest of the month....Jeff Fry would be proud (and yeah...we put the extra "rabbit" in).

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