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October 30, 2007

Abismal Monday Night

The Broncos lost last night and it was ugly. They had every opportunity to win and just let it slip through their hands. Watching that game made me realize that Cutler is still a long way away from being a good quarterback. He makes bad decisions, like running on 3rd and 1, makes costly turnovers, like a fumble at the goalline, but having said this he didnt throw a pick and preformed fairly well. I'll let that game go down as inexperienced youth, and a bad performance by Bly. I look forward to next week to see if the Bly can improve his perfomance when he faces off against his former team the Detroit Lions. The Broncos should have no problems beating the Lions, but substandard play on the defense could result in huge gains for the explosive Detroit offense. The secondary of Denver should look fairly good, because the D-line should be able to pressure Kitna all day. Either way it should be a good game with Denver winning on a last second Elam Field Goal.

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October 02, 2007


This is my opening blog on the Denver Broncos. Hopefully if you are reading this than you are a fan and as such, good for you. As of right now the Broncos are a miserable 2-2 but we have looked good, except against the Colts. If we keep running the ball we should be fine, but our defense definitely needs to step it up. I feel that the Broncos are definitely one of the top teams in the nfl, but they are not playing like it. It seems that the top experts share my opinions because they rank the Broncos as 10 out of 32 teams. To improve our rating the Broncos need to up their defensive play. They need to apply more pressure on the quarterback, which should help an already strong secondary. Besides overall defensive play the Broncos must also get the ball into the endzone. The offense as zero trouble moving the ball but come time to score they stall. I dont know how to fix this but most likely it will solve it self as Jake gets more experience.

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Hello, World

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