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February 04, 2007

Introduction to Our Blog: MII's Quant Hedge Fund Team

Analysis of our Current Portfolio: MII's Quant hedge Fund Team

Eight years ago Michigan Interactive Investments (MII) was founded with the goal of providing students with the tools needed to invest in the stock market. The founders wanted to educate members about investing by researching and then purchasing actual stocks.

The organization has been steadily growing and has gradually transformed from an all stock club to the professional club that it is today. We have brought many speakers to talk about resumes careers in the financial services industry. We are also putting together the Michigan Economic Forum.

Last year MII competed and won in an online portfolio challenge, gaining over 110% in the one month period. The Hedge Fund was born. This year we have over 9 teams, each with different strategies that compete in online portfolio challenge. Our team, the Quant Team, looks at stock based on valuation through our customized stock screener. This blog will talk about and analyze our current holdings. We will also talk about current economic trends and news that has moved the markets in the past week.

We hope you enjoy.

Feel free to visit our Website at:
MII Website.

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