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April 11, 2007

Delicious Feedback

Tagging the sites that I visited with Delicious was interesting, but not terribly useful. If it was an important site, I ended up just remembering the site. If the page was incredibly deep into a website, then delicious was useful, but those pages only came around once in a blue moon. The time that we spent tagging on delicious could have been added more value as time spent on another excel or access assignment. I found BIT 200 very interesting, but I had hoped that I would get a lot more out of this class that would be directly applicable to my future career (i.e. excel and access).

The thought that comes to mind is replacing Delicious with an excel assignment composed of small tasks so that the constant activity of Delicious would not dissipate with excel. Each assignment would build on the last, and intermittent grading checkpoints could be used. A parallel version of this assignment could have been done in Access also with numerous small assignments building into one semester long assignment that would really add value to each student. Understanding how each tool in Excel and Access functions with other tools in Excel or Access is something that we did not do enough of.

This is just an idea, either way, I still found BIT 200 to be an intriguing class. To the end that I am enrolled to take BIT 311 in the fall.

Posted by jwbir at April 11, 2007 12:44 PM


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