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April 09, 2007

Del.icio.us Review

After using Del.icio.us for the course of this term I have come to the conclusion that I really do not find it that useful. I use it to make my tags, but that it really about it. I find that I am much too accustomed to using Google. After using Google for so many years as my search engine, I have learned to create search terms that will allow me to find pretty specific things with alarming alacrity. This is a very useful ability, and one that serves to render a site like Del.icio.us useless. I can remember many of my favorite and most frequently visited websites, and get to the content faster by using Google or just by simply typing in the URL. My of the articles that I tagged with Del.icio.us I will likely if not assuredly never read again. I read each of them before I tagged them, and, as such, I have already taken that information to memory. The ability to access bookmarks from any machine is a nice concept, but for a person who barely uses bookmarks anyway like me, it really is not all that great. Not to mention, I always have my laptop with me when I go places, so I am very rarely using a public computer that does not have the few bookmarks that I do use frequently.

Posted by jkill at April 9, 2007 04:40 AM


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