April 11, 2007

Delicious Feedback

Tagging the sites that I visited with Delicious was interesting, but not terribly useful. If it was an important site, I ended up just remembering the site. If the page was incredibly deep into a website, then delicious was useful, but those pages only came around once in a blue moon. The time that we spent tagging on delicious could have been added more value as time spent on another excel or access assignment. I found BIT 200 very interesting, but I had hoped that I would get a lot more out of this class that would be directly applicable to my future career (i.e. excel and access).

The thought that comes to mind is replacing Delicious with an excel assignment composed of small tasks so that the constant activity of Delicious would not dissipate with excel. Each assignment would build on the last, and intermittent grading checkpoints could be used. A parallel version of this assignment could have been done in Access also with numerous small assignments building into one semester long assignment that would really add value to each student. Understanding how each tool in Excel and Access functions with other tools in Excel or Access is something that we did not do enough of.

This is just an idea, either way, I still found BIT 200 to be an intriguing class. To the end that I am enrolled to take BIT 311 in the fall.

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March 31, 2007

Lets all drink Jones Soda! Its a buy!

Jones Soda (JSDA)

Jones Soda began as a garage company that made carbonated drinks for trend setters, environmentally friendly and "cool" clients. The sodas now sell in places such as Target and Starbucks. Gone are the days of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Today’s youth (and adults!) are finding themselves apt to try “alternative beverages”, that is, soft drinks, with and without carbonation, in an effort to expand their pallets’ beyond the status quo. Jones Soda Co. is one of the smallest, yet fastest growing producers in the alternative beverage market. With the highest gross margin’s in the industry, great management, no debt, and an enterprise value of less than $600 MM, JSDA is an ideal acquisition for one of the major beverage makers.

With a notable increase in volume, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a takeover may be approaching. There have been a number of big hedge funds buying up with the stock with block trades of thousands of shares coming in every hour of the trading day. Even without the acquisition of JSDA, their cashflow, nonexistent debt, stellar management, percentage held by insiders and growth targets are ideal for any small-cap company.

• Gross Margin (39.21%)
• Recently Announced Wal-Mart contract
• Very attractive take-over candidate
• Growth (180% Next year, 30% per annum for the next 5 years)
• Cash-to-debt ratio

o P/E (106.45)
o Small-Cap volatility
o Limited product lines, multitude of competitors

To track the performance of DECK follow this link

JSDA Statistics

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March 19, 2007

Why DECK is a buy!

Decker Outdoors (DECK)

Some say their boot was just a fad, but this sheep skin boot is here to stay! We see their products everyday, women parade in these shoes rain or shine, snow or hail. They praise their comfort and their style. UGGS is the brang of our generation.

Deckers Outdoor Corporation engages in the design, production, and brand management of footwear for men, women, and children in the United States. Its products include slides, sport sandals, thongs, amphibious footwear, trail running shoes, hiking boots, rugged closed-toe footwear, sheepskin boots and slippers, and other casual footwear. The company provides its products under Teva, Simple, and UGC brand names.

The DECK management team has consistently beat earnings, they have overdelivered on their earnings projections for the past 5 quarters. Last week the company reported a 94% increase in earnings from the previous quarter.

Another aspect of the company that DECK has come to master is the art of inventory. The problem many shoemakers and retailers make is overbuying, DECK management has won a gold medal managin inventories effectively.

DECK is also growing their sales tremendously in Asia and Europe. Another part of the business that is growing exponentially is the UGGS men's division. Just last week my roomate purchased a pair of ugg slippers and I have to admit they are very comfortable.

Gross margin rose to 46.4% in the fourth quarter which is amazing for such a small company. They are very efficient.
DECK and UGGS are there to stay. They may be a fad, but one that will make us a lot of money.

To track the performance of DECK follow this link

DECK Statistics

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March 12, 2007

Why Invest in Brazil

Brazil (EWZ)

In his state of the Union, President Bush called to eliminate our dependency on foreign oil. President Bush emphasized that alternative fuels should replace oil as a major source of energy. Particularly, the president emphasized Ethanol. In the US, ethanol is derived from corn. This can be mixed to create motor fuel and fuel additive and even though it produces 30% less energy than oil, the president as well as the House and Congress are pushing for major reforms to increase spending in developing the technology.

US can produce ethanol, but when it comes to comparative advantage, Brazil is king. Brazil's ethanol is derived from sugar cane, it contains a lot more energy than corn based ethanol and because its produced in Brazil (where land is abundant and labor is cheap) its a much better alternative than US produced ethanol.

Recently, President Bush went on a trip to visit many Latin American countries. Socialism is growing in Latin America because of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Morales in Bolivia. This pushed the President to turn to one of the few (economic) allies the US still has in the region, Brazil. The US has all the intentions of using ethanol and Brazil is the biggest producer and exporter.

The export of ethanol will in all likelihood improve economic conditions in all of the areas of the Brazilian economy. The increase in exports will cause foreign investors to increase their capital expenditure in this country giving way to long term economic growth.

I am bullish on Brazil as a whole. The best way to play this is to buy the Brazi ETF ticker, (EWZ). There are many risks to consider when investing in emerging markets but based on risk/reward, EWZ is definite buy.

To track the performance of EWZ follow this link
Stock Price and Key Statistics.

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February 17, 2007

Why Apple is a buy


When people think of stylish products, innovation and COOL, APPLE is the company that comes to mind. Six years ago apple introduced the I-Pod, it was instant hit sending the stock from a low of about $10 to the just recent high $96. Apple's Steve Jobs is a tremendous innovator and leader. Everyone from Main Street to Wall Street respects him. Recently, Apple introduced the new i-phone.

The stock was trading at$82 and with the announcement it jumped to almost $98. The next day, the stock saw a huge sell off taking it back to around $84.

In my opinion the stock was oversold. There was one reason the stock should be at that level and its the SEC investigating Jobs on options backdating. He and apple have power and this issue will be solved. The i-phone will be huge success.

The stock is trading at 30 times earnings with an earnings growth of more than 75%. Its operating margins are well over 10% and the fact that it has absolutely no debt makes me love the stock even more. Jobs and apple deserves to be trading at a premium of more than 40. Their innovation and image will drive the company to new heights.

To find out more information on AAPL visit the websites below, you will also be able to track the companies stock price and recent upgrades and downgrades:

Apple Company Website.
Stock Price and Key Statistics.

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February 06, 2007

Review: Grokker

Grokker takes an unique approach to search results. Like many search engines crawl the web based on linking circles, Grokker displays a map of these linking circles. The advantage for the user: quicker data uptake, or to site the cliche: "A picture is worth a thousand words." Grokker lacks the scannable content that Google, Yahoo, and Ask display in their snippets. To compensate for the explicit content, Grokker displays all the implicit relationships between sites in a concise visual manner.
I found Grokker useful for quick conceptualizaiton of new topics. In other words, if you're new to a topic, use Grokker to feel your way around. If your looking for specific facts or content use Google o Yahoo. Otra cosa que tiene que pensar de es el tiempo que hace para refrescar la pagina. Grokker usa Java y por eso hace mucho tiempo para empezar, porque la computadora tiene que comenzar otro programa para usar la java.
En todo, Grokker es un buen recurso, pero tiene restrictiones.

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January 23, 2007


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This chapter went over the copyrigth laws relevant to html.

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