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October 21, 2006

Apple and Motorola on Cell Phone

After hearing about this gossip for so long, I thought that I should put down some of my thoughts. For those who don't know what it is about, Apple is thinking of making a cell phone with Motorola.

Some of my concerns:

1. Touchpad like iPod, or buttons?
If it is a touchpad, it will be too much like Chocolate, unless they made sure that everything, including the number pads, are all touchpads. That will be cool, though pretty irritating at times when you need to use the phone while driving (I know you're not supposed to do that, but who doesn't?) because you can't feel the buttons. If it is buttons, then it will be too conventional - hey, after all we're talking about Apple, the logo that we relate to the word "innovation". Unless of course, they come up with something totally new that is not in the market yet.

2. Which provider?
Verizon? T-mobile? It will suck if they choose only one provider, because it will be limited to those people with those provider only. I wonder if they will sell the phone in the market without the provider just like that. Some people don't buy phones through the provider anyway, like me and my Chocolate.

3. International market?
Will it go international, or is it going to be available in the US? Apple is never big in Asian countries, and I, perhaps, am one of the few Indonesians currently using a Powerbook. It will be a pity if Apple's cell phone comes out after my graduation when I'm never going to be back here until a few years later, because I really do want to try that electronic device; hey, I'm a big Apple fan.

4. Built-in iTunes = iPod substitute?
So many phones have mp3 function in them, but if similar function is to be built into the new cell phone, will not it be like another iPod, and more useful actually. Will that be an iPod substitute, crashing the iPod market? Or perhaps they have already made some plans to ditch iPod and move onto cell phone that has more useful functions, like camera! Oh yes, camera - I wonder about the quality if they do have that function.

5. Will it "burn" like Macbook?
No pun intended. What I mean by burn is flopping down the drain. Sure, Macbook is cool, and I'm still dreaming of it even after I've heard about all the bad stories, like keyboards falling apart, and the heat burning your lap... Getting an Apple device fixed costs a lot of money, and if there is going to be a lot of problems with the cell phone, I'd think twice about making the purchase. If Apple can mess up a laptop, an industry that it's been competing in for many years, what about a cell phone market that it has never been in?

But I guess there's only so much that my anticipation can lead me to. Perhaps Apple will monopolize the cell phone market - who knows, they've got the cool image, the innovativity and creativity, and who doesn't know that they spend a great fortune of their profit on research and development? We'll wait and see. Well, at least I will.

Posted by kalbindo at October 21, 2006 08:14 PM


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