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November 07, 2006

Internet Security and I

Our lifestyle has slowly moved away from the traditional way to a very modern and fast-paced environment. I, for one, have done extensive online shopping, and even to the extent of paying my bills online. I also check my bank statements through the internet, and manage my various credit cards online. We have become so dependent on the internet, but with the convenience, comes along risk and danger. How safe is that, you might ask.

This is what I would normally do:
1. Only access bank accounts, or other bank/bills/credit card accounts with my main computer, or laptop at home.
2. Always be paranoid when I'm done and try logging in after I log out, to make sure I have properly logged out of the site.
3. When I'm shopping online, I make sure that they are big companies that people have heard of, hence reducing the risk of giving your credit card information away to random companies.
4. Update my Norton anti-virus AND firewall, and make sure that they block the pop-ups too. Try to get it as secure as possible, even if you're spending lots of money on them.

When it comes to password, you know what you should do - change them often. But how much longer can you keep track of all the different passwords? Use a program for password manager, I assure you, it's easy. But it always comes down to this: how safe is that?

As technology advances, there are more hackers and smart people out there who get around doing illegal things. People hack your internet connection, get access to your personal information - this is the price of being in a very computerized world and conforming to it. I'm sure many people have told you to be careful with your information when it comes to internet, because really, it all comes down to trust, and maybe luck.

Posted by kalbindo at November 7, 2006 11:39 AM


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