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July 19, 2007


I've been working on a few things here at UM, in the past couple weeks.

Levels of Adoption

After adding 4 new MODS sets to the Aquifer portal, we went through the just-released Levels of Adoption document to see how well we conformed with our sets (total: 5). It turns out that we land squarely in between Levels 3 and 4. For instance, in level 3 we don't have at least one <genre> element, and in level 4 we almost never have abstracts in our records. But overall, we conform to the majority of requirements for both Levels 3 and 4. Consequently, which level are we really at? And how does this affect our inclusion in the new portal?

Collections Registry

Tom Habing and I worked out a number of the kinks in the modified Collections Registry, to the point where I would be able to modify current records and add new ones. I'm keeping a running list of questions and feature requests for Tom for when he returns from vacation.

I got as far today as modifying or newly entering the records for UM's 5 collections. I'd appreciate it if someone could check my work-- there are a lot of fields I'm not sure about adding to (such as Topics), even for our own collections, and I'm positive I won't be able to add nearly as much information for collections I know next to nothing about.

Try looking at Making of America. If you'd like to see the specific ASHO administrative information, I can add you as a new editor.

Beating the Bushes

I think I'm correct in saying that we have the following collections pending:
- Columbia (last email sent 6/26; no response)
- Northwestern and CHM (Katherine will be contacting)

Otherwise, we're waiting for the CWG to determine who is/will have MODS available from the "short list".

In the meantime, we can do two things:
- check the Registry for potential collections/institutions
- check OAIster for good ASHO collections/institutions

Which one is best to start with first?

However, I don't think all the collections that are currently in the Aquifer portal have submission agreements signed. Maybe someone could enlighten me so that I can modify the records. The institutions in the portal are:
- U Penn
- U Michigan (pending w/ modifications, correct?)
- Indiana
- Library of Congress (pending w/ modifications, correct?)
- U Tennessee Knoxville

Metadata Re-exposure

We're working on it. We just gave the work to our brand-new programmer. In the meantime, I've aggregated all the current harvested records and sent them to Chick (processed and originals).

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July 02, 2007

4 New U. Michigan MODS Collections

And now there are four new MODS collections from U. Michigan: The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, The Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, The Transportation History Collection, and Making of America. This brings all Aquifer records in the portal to 238,719.

Thanks to the MWG, we have determined that our High Level Browse mappings should go into the Subject element, Topic sub-element. However, we need to wait for LoC to handle our request for making High Level-Browse a classification authority. And we haven't gotten the management of our mapping figured out either.

We may try and add Making of America Journals and American Jewess as MODS collections. However, these are serials, and there are no examples of serials in the Aquifer profile, so we need some more advice from MWG on that.

(The four new MODS collections are also in the MODS portal.)

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