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August 24, 2007

And, re-exposed is ready...

Aquifer MODS records harvested by UM are now available for re-harvesting.

Value-add features:
- The concatenated repository name and OAI set name are available in the relatedItem/titleInfo/title MODS element.
- The original slurped thumbnails from Tom's original thumbnail service are available in the location/url@preview element.
- A provenance container has been added to indicate that we have modified the original harvested record.
- Any record without a location/url or identifier@uri is filtered out of the re-exposed records.


I plan on re-harvesting, and then re-exposing, these records either the first week in September or after I return from England, the third week in September.

Big kudos to Josh Santelli who did all the work to get this done.
Also, many thanks to the MWG for recommendations on where to place the value-add fields.

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August 23, 2007

Update on work in last 2 weeks

1. Re-exposing MODS Aquifer records. We are this close to being ready. It required a number of steps to date:

a) Figuring out which MODS elements our INST and URL a="thumb" elements should fit into.
b) Building a provenance container. (Help from the MWG on these two items was invaluable.)
c) Modifying the DTD and validating the MODS records so that we are positive we are creating the BibClass files correctly.
d) Creating a spreadsheet of MODS-->BibClass (which we should have done ages ago!).
e) Modifying MODSTransform so that it would build the BibClass file and the re-exposed MODS file.
f) Concatenating all these repository-specific MODS files into one, indexing this and making it available through our data provider. (This is the piece that isn't finished yet.)

I would expect we should be ready by early next week.

As a result of creating the re-exposed records, we are using the filter in MODSTransform to remove all records that do not have dc:identifiers, i.e., we are keeping only those that link to digital objects. I know this was a concern of Chick and some others, so using our re-exposed records has this one added benefit.

2) Drafting a wiki page on the potential data processing, indexing and display issues related to making MODS records available in the Aquifer portal. This really is still in draft form and I hope folks will edit it as necessary.


3) Still trying to get Columbia's MODS records...

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