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September 21, 2007

Cleaned-up Re-exposed MODS Records

Tom and Chick found some errors with the re-exposed records, which we have consequently fixed.

1. Nesting of metadata, mods and about containers was incorrect.
2. Language codes versus language text was being too aggressively normalized (for OAIster it needs to be, for MODS best if not).
3. The about container needed a field included so that workflow on Tom and Chick's end could be streamlined.

This latter issue entailed Tom creating an Aquifer version of the provenance schema, currently hosted at:

The official provenance schema does not contain a field for .
I will be contacting Simeon Warner who still officially maintains the OAI protocol to look into making this change for the official schema.

Oh, and UM Lincoln records were fixed and added to, so there are 8 more records in the current batch of re-exposed records.

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September 05, 2007

New re-exposed records and new UM portal interfaces

This is the last step in our MODS work at UM, unless data issues are discovered. Many things are waiting in the wings for after we re-engineer BibClass, e.g., thumbnails, date normalization, Zotero integration.

There is a new re-exposed metadata file available for harvesting: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/b/broker20/broker20/?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=mods&set=oaimods:aquifermodsR

The updated records in the portal contain these things:
- validation of MODS to BibClass, so elements and attributes are in all the correct places now
- tweaks to MODS display labels
- removal of the type normalization drop-down on the advanced search page, replacing it with the mods typeOfResource values
- change of default sort from title to weighted hit frequency
- addition of two new MODS sets: The Emancipator Newsletter from Tennessee and Southern Spaces from Emory

You can search and display all this here:

Also, we've updated the Google spreadsheet that reflects all these changes: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pkPh8eRIHnlDi17JkWsaJJQ

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