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January 30, 2008

Follow-up on Columbia's data provider

Columbia's data provider now appropriately delivers oai_dc and MODS.

This was kind of interesting, because they are using Jeff Young's oaicat data provider tool, a very popular and useful one. My guess is that the tool was designed before the OAI community really pushed to have data providers offer richer metadata formats in addition to oai_dc, and so the code needs to be tweaked to allow this.

Columbia created a version of oaicat so that it would not mix up the two formats they were trying to provide. I'm sure a fix from Jeff will be forthcoming very soon.

Look for Columbia's oai_dc, as a result, in OAIster by the end of this week...

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January 24, 2008

Four new institutions in Aquifer/MODS portals

There are now four new institutions in the Aquifer/MODS portals at UM. This is very exciting; the last time we updated was four months ago.

* California Digital Library (CDL): 79 static repositories (corresponding to OAI sets) for both portals
* Columbia University Libraries Digital Program Division: 1 set for both portals
* Digitized Books from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: 19 sets in Aquifer, 33 in MODS portal
* Harvard University Library Virtual Collections: 2 sets in Aquifer, 4 in MODS portal

Also, Celebration of Women's Writers and Southern Spaces were added to.

Aquifer portal grew from 238,794 records to 288,615 records: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/a/aquifer/
MODS portal grew from 306,849 records to 369,197 records: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/mods

Most importantly, the character encoding, which was alarmingly still wrong the last time we updated in September (!) is now fixed to the best of our ability for all sets in both portals.

The Aquifer portal records are all available in the re-exposed file at:

There was more than usual back-and-forth with Harvard and Columbia-- Harvard's stylesheet was a bit awry, and Columbia was having trouble with their data provider. Columbia is still not an official repository because they were unable to keep the MODS and oai_dc records from mixing together in sets, so they removed the oai_dc records for the time being.

My next step is to create records for each set in the DLF Registry, and find pictures for each set. That should take me a few days.

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