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April 17, 2008

Update on work since January

I've done quite a bit of work since January 30-- just slow to update.

1. Worked with core team to develop a set of browsable subject categories for the main page (which will be rolled out with the timeline and geographic facets at the same time). Once we had these, I cataloged each registry record to have one or more of these subjects.

African Americans
Asian Americans
Civil War
General Resources
Native Americans
States and Regions
Travel and Transportation
World War I
World War II

Our repositories are quite specific, so it was difficult to come up with a decent strategy, and eventually, set of subjects for this facet. The actual work to develop the subjects was done by Katherine and Perry, although I did add Education and Music as I was working through cataloging each record in the registry. Music may not seem like it fits well, since it's often an indication of format rather than subject, but in this context it seemed to fit well.

2. Worked on the UM side to add our MODS records from our old data provider into our new data provider (http://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/o/oai/oai). This involved some cleanup of the data (such as adding a new rights statement), but mostly involved matching the records to existing oai_dc records. In the course of doing this, we gained a number of records-- this is because our old MODS records had a "short URL" (e.g., ABZ1234), but in the new system, the matching oai_dc records had "long URLs" (e.g., ABZ1234.0001.001, ABZ1234.0002.001) indicating issues and volumes.

An additional side effect of this change is that records can exist in more than one set. This is indicated in the for each record, but because in the ASHO portal we are working on a set-by-set basis, records can be duplicated among harvested sets. Fortunately, they are exact duplicates, so Tom and Chick can de-dupe if desired.

This leaves us with only the re-exposed MODS records we are making available to the ASHO portal, in the old provider. At some point in the future (maybe 6 months?) we will be turning off the old provider, at which point Tom will harvest directly using his provider at UIUC. We still need to work through what value-add we have provided on the UM side that they may want to duplicate.

3. Added each new repository/set from January's batch to the registry as a separate record. In the process, I found a picture for each repository/set and sent those to Tom and Susan. Susan helped create a generic text image for those that I couldn't find a picture for (some of the CDL repositories had no images).

4. Also, added one more set from Columbia: the Digital New York City set of 55 records. You can see these at http://quod.lib.umich.edu/a/aquifer/ at the moment. Tom will add them to the ASHO portal soon.

5. Working with the Services Working Group on how to test the MODS Levels of Adoption developed by the Metadata Working Group. That's still in the initial stages, so nothing to report.

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