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November 30, 2007

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone which means its back to school, back to reality, and time to hit those books really hard (literally) to get ready for finals. But have no fear because winter break is just around the corner and that means that it's almost time for my favorite holiday of all time...CHRISTMAS!!!

So we all know the story of Santa Claus...the Big Man makes toys all year long with the help of his trusty elves up at the North Pole. But of course Santa needs a little bit of help here and there and that's where the department stores come in. And what's the craziest shopping day of the year? BLACK FRIDAY of course...dumdumdum. This day of frenzied, competitive shopping occurs every year the day after Thanksgiving and is the official start of the Christmas season for many. Want to learn a little bit about Black Friday? Check it out here on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Friday_(shopping)Talk about commercialization of the Christmas spirit...but I guess you can get some pretty good deals on gifts.

To give you insight into how crazy Black Friday really is, the name was first coined in 1975, referring to the heavy traffic on that day, an "implicit comparison to the extremely stressful and chaotic experience of Black Tuesday, the 1929 stock-market crash"...talk about chaos! I watched the news on Black Friday and all they were showing over and over again were the lines of people standing outside department stores waiting to get inside and take advantage of all the great sales. Let's not forget that some of these people were standing in line since 4 am in the morning...now that's intense, or a little sick, you can be the judge of that one.

Anyway I found it interesting that in previous years a new day has been created to signify the start of the holiday online shopping season. It's called "Cyber Monday" and apparently it started because back in the day when most people had really slow broadband internet, they would do all of their online Christmas shopping at work where the internet connection was much faster and more reliable.

Unfortunately Black Friday has come and gone already but you can still prepare for next year by checking out the "Top Ten Tips to Survive Black Friday" at this site : http://blogs.consumerreports.org/shopping/2007/11/our-top-10-blac.html
In my opinion, the best tips on this site are to "do your homework" to unearth the best deals before waking up for battle the day after Thanksgiving and also to not assume that you are getting the best deals just because it's the most publicized shopping day of the year.

Anyway, I hope you all have been good this year because Santa Claus has been watching! Enjoy the holidays and try to stay warm despite the Michigan Weather!

I leave you with this:

Kinda scary...

- Kristen

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