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April 05, 2009


Source for the picture: http://www.celebrityseats.com/pic/event-pic158.jpg

Chicago first appearance was June 3, 1975. "The musical is based on Maurine Watkin's 1926 play about a showgirl who murders her lover and, thanks to the wiles of her attorney, gets off" (Sheward, 236). The woman's name is Roxy Hart and she commits a murder, which she happens to get away with. Her good fortune and luck leads her to accomplish fame.

The theme is fame and fortune for the musical Chicago. The songs that surround the theme of fame talk about what it will be like to be famous and living the life of fame. The life of a celebrity is described to be glamourous, fun, and well known. The songs of fortune explain the luck that people have in their lives. It is mainly about the chances that people have in life whether it's good or bad, just depends on your fortune.

In the movie version of Chicago, there were some some songs that were taken out that appeared in the original Broadway musical. Those songs are "I Know a Girl" and "A Little Bit of Good" were eliminated when the movie version of the musical was produced.

(Copy and paste the links to listen to the songs)
The theme of Fame:
I Can't Do It Alone


Razzle Dazzle


The theme of Fortune:
A Little Bit of Good

I Know a Girl


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