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April 05, 2009

Basics of Broadway Musicals

source for picture:http://www.sarahomestay.com/images/photos/broadway.jpg

From the book: "Broadway Stories" By Marty Bell - "Broadway has primarily become the home base for musicals, the place where a show comes to establish its credentials so it can then tour the United States and beyond" (p. xi). So, Broadway musicals begin in New York and with success and popularity of the musical, it makes a journey through tours across the country. Broadway is a community that lies in New York City. Broadway Musicals are shows that tells a story through the elements of: singing, music, choreographed dances, and dialogue. The elements intertwine with one another to reveal a story.

"Unlike the other media, which can unveil a new work all over the country at one time, a show can only be launched in one city" (Bell, 178). So the opinion of critics has an important role in the launch of a musical, but I think that the success of the musical all depends on how close an audience is able to relate to the themes presented in the show. Because the more that an audience can relate to allows will make them want to talk about it more and through word of mouth of others many will attend the show.

In the past, tourists of New York or the elite group of New York would be the ones that broadway musicals appealed to because of the costs of attending a show. Now a days Broadway musicals are accessible to everyone who is interested in watching the show. There are many theaters that offer the Broadway musicals as a show for people to attend. Also, many of the popular Broadway musical hits have been turned into movies, which can be easily accessed and watched in the comfort of one's own home. In addition to the movies of the musicals, the songs are widely circulated on CD's and easily accessible on the web.

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