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April 05, 2009


As you can see, there are many themes presented in a Broadway musical and the themes are resonated in the songs presented in the musicals. The themes that readily appear in the musical are timeless in a sense that they occur universally, which often makes the musicals a hit. From the popular Broadway musicals that I have discussed love, friendship, hope, and freedom are some of the more prevalent themes that are displayed. These themes are popular because they are part of our culture and are culturally defined by society.

The themes are the key element in bringing people together to form a musical community. The musical community created by Broadway musicals is one that brings people together through the connection between the audience and the musical because the audience can directly associate with the story being told. The music in the musical is the mediator, since it enhances the experience by priming the audience to feel the emotions in the musical surrounding the specific themes presented. An atmosphere is created with the music that incorporates popular culture of the time to influence the audience. Popular culture controls the musical soundscape produced songs in the musicals. The songs are often catchy tunes with a pleasant melody that communicates to the viewer. The people brought together in the musical community of musicals are able to relate to the world established by the musicals in which the world is one that is expressed through song.

In the end, the musical community of Broadway musicals fits in with other musical communities in a way that it brings people together surrounding their interests and allows them freedom or expression through music.

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