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April 05, 2009

Les Misérables

The source for the picture: http://images4.thomann.de/pics/prod/164516.jpg

The musical Les Misérables opened on March 12, 1987. It is "Hugo's epic tale of the relentless pursuit of the saintly Jean Valjean by the intractable officer Javert" (Sheward, 297). It is a very long musical with a main story and a few mini stories involved also. The main story is about Valjean was a man who went to jail because he stole some bread to feed his family. He ends up paying his time in jail, but when he returns to society he is shunned by the people because of his criminal record. After many years and under a new name Valjean redeems himself by becoming a successful factory owner. There is a mini story of the love between a girl named Cosette and Marius.

The themes in this play are redemption and love. Throughout the play Valjean is working to redeem himself by doing the right things and no longer stealing from others. In the song "What Have I Done" Valjean sings about his wrong doings and how he is going to try to change his ways to be a better person. On his journey of redemption he helps a girl name Cosette, who happens to be in love with a man named Marius. The songs about love talk about the love between Cosette and Marius.

(Don't forget to copy and paste the links to hear the songs)
Redemption Theme:
What Have I Done

Who Am I

Love Theme:
In My Life / A Heart Full of Love

On My Own

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