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April 05, 2009

My Fair Lady

Source for the Picture: http://www.slender.at/DVD/Filme/M/M-Dateien/My%20Fair%20Lady.jpg

The Musical: My Fair Lady first debuted on March 15th, 1956. From the book: "It's a Hit!" By David Sheward - My Fair Lady is a "story of an arrogant phonetics expert transforming a Cockney flower-seller into a lady by changing her speech" (Sheward, 137). The arrogant phonetics expert is a man named Henry Higgins and the lady is named Eliza.

A theme presented in the musical is respect. Respect is what drives the story being told in the musical because it's the idea that people speak differently depending on their social economic status in society. Which is why Higgins is running a experiment to see if he can change Eliza from low social status to high status by training her how to speak. Another theme that is presented is friendship because through the whole process of the training Higgins and Eliza become friends. Their friendship grows and develops throughout the show. In the end, Eliza becomes a lady and has earned the respect from people, especially Higgins.

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Here are some links to songs that show the theme of respect:
Why Can't The English?
Without You

Theme of friendship:
I've Grown Accustomed to her Face

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