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April 05, 2009

The Sound of Music

Source of Picture: http://thefedorachronicles.com/hollywood/Movies/sound_of_music.jpg

The Sound of Music first appeared on Broadway on November 16, 1959. The musical takes place in Austria. It is about a woman named Maria, who is a nun that "becomes a governess to the lonely children of Captain Von Trapp" (Sheward, 158). As a governess, Maria changes the spirits of the children through teaching them music. Later on, the Captain and Maria fall in love and they get married.

The themes that are displayed are dreams and love. Maria is dreaming about climbing mountains and being free, which she feels is missing from her life as a nun. In the song "I Have Cofidence", Maria is sing about what her life would be like and about having confidence in herself for the children and the captain because she loves them. The song "My Favorite Things" explains that if you think about the things that you love, it always makes you feel better.

(Remember to copy and paste the links to listen to the music)
Climb Every Mountain

My Favorite Things

Something Good

Both Themes:
I Have Confidence

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