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April 05, 2009


The source for the picture: http://www.s177422185.websitehome.co.uk/Data/101107/1salesbrobroadwaykings/cdocumentsandsettingshp_administratormydocumentsmypicturesnewwicked.jpg

The musical Wicked first opened on October 30, 2003. I actually got to see this musical in Chicago at the Oriental Theatre. Anyways, Wicked is supposed to be a story that takes place before the Wizard of Oz. There are two women named Elphaba (wicked witch) and Galinda (good witch), who are able to look past their differences and become good friends. In the end, they had to part ways in which Elphaba becomes the bad witch and Galinda is the good witch.

The theme prevalent in the musical is friendship. The song "What is This Feeling" is about Elphaba and Galinda getting to know one another and all the things that they loath about each other, but this only is the start of their friendship. They end up becoming great friends. "Defying Gravity" discusses the two working together as friends on a team.

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Theme of friendship:
What Is This Feeling (skip to the 1 minute mark for the song to start)


Defying Gravity

For Good

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