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October 03, 2006

My long, long day

Today was the longest day of my life. In fact, BSchool is pretty much taking my life and sucking out every ounce of fun that I ever had. Well, in reality I guess it's not that bad, but here's my story...

I woke up today at around 7 am and it was pouring rain for the second morning in a row. Fantastic. I really didn't want to get out of bed, and it didn't help much that I was tossing and turning during the night due to the random heat wave that swept across the Ann Arbor area. Needless to say, I was ridiculously tired.

I got in my car to pick up Laura for our 8:30 marketing class, and was a little excited that we would actually be on time today because I left a bit earlier than usual. About a mile down the road, my check engine light came on and the car started sputtering. So much for being early...

Laura and I finally got to marketing right before class started, and of course had to sit all the way in the back of our classroom. Thank god for our wonderful educational accomodations in Mason Hall. It makes the whole BSchool experience so...surreal. Literally.

I was finally done with class at 11:30 but then had to go to work from 12-5. I'm still waiting for the day when I work up the nerve to quit so that I actually have time for...anything else.

Now a normal person would be done and ready to go home after a busy eight hour day on campus. Me, however, being the abnormal person that I am, went to a DEX E-board meeting at 5:30 to talk about our upcoming meeting on Sunday. Honestly, I have a hard time believing that any of us on the e-board really care too much about the meeting on Sunday, but we pretty much meet to talk about it because we have to. I mean, we were elected to these positions, weren't we? Yeah, but a club that has about 5 returning members out of the 80 that were in the club last year. That means a lot...

My very last event of the day consisted of my meeting with my marketing group to discuss our group project. We actually were quite productive and wrote our project proposal in about only an hour. That may seem like a long time for such a small assignment, but one must understand that it was imperative that we discussed other issues, such as the movie Snakes on a Plane and the ridiculously hilarious personalities of our professors. It was truely a bonding experience.

So here I am now, tired as anything, reflecting on the events of my day. Thank god I have a blog to put all of my thoughts in, for without it I would be lost.

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