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December 03, 2007

Slow News Week...

Maybe it's the holiday spirit in the air, but the past week has been unusually slow in entertainment news. Brad Pitt's been giving more interviews proving once again how fabulously philanthropic he has become, and even Lindsay Lohan spent a low-key holiday in Long Island, dumping her dead-weight boyfriend along the way (In order to concentrate on her "life and career"! What a change!) Nothing particularly shocking or outrageous has been covered in the blogs, other than the now-ordinary and expected antics of Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse.

In the picture above, singer Amy Winehouse and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil are photographed after recently getting in an allegedly brutal fistfight with one another in a UK hotel. Blake is currently behind bars on assault charges, and in response to his incarceration, Winehouse has canceled the remainder of her tour. Her album, Back to Black, was extremely successful and catapulted her to worldwide fame. However, it seems as if she is not coping to her new notoriety very well. She has been increasingly spaced out during her performances, walking off the stage and sounding terrible. There are also highly substantiated rumors of her addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and other drugs. She has even been arrested on charges of possession in the past, clearly an extremely troubled woman. Hopefully Amy will be able to get some help during her downtime and return with a renewed desire to work and play for her fans. Her current behavior is more than disgusting, but it looks as if she truly has problems, and I wish her the best (assuming she actually tries to recover).

In other news, the Broadway stagehand strike has come to an end. The lights were back on on New York's busiest street last Thursday, the 29th of November. I'm sure all involved parties are happy with the outcome - the stagehands have not been getting paid over the last few weeks, and the industry has lost millions in revenue from the canceled shows. All of the customers who were unable to see their shows received refunds, and executives are hoping they will use the money to come back to Broadway and see the show they were forced to miss, helping to close their current holiday season deficit.

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