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April 20, 2007

Delicious Experience

Overall, delicious was a great interactive site for tagging my favorite websites and interesting stories that I came across while I was surfing the internet. More importantly, delicious was a database for all of these bookmarks so that I did not have to use my web browser bookmarks as the primary source to store them. Moreover, these tags were among thousands of others, which were all available for me to look at from other delicious users. I could also become a "fan" of another delicious member and access their bookmarks or tags whenever I logged in.

Additionally, delicious categorized tags, which made it easier to search through and find ones thats were related to yours. Also, you could search through recent tags and those that were tagged most often by users. Ultimately, delicious was a great experience for having a database of bookmarks that got my attention and may want to look at again. My delicious experience was both enjoyable and useful.

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