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December 02, 2007

Harajuku Girls

Made famous by Gwen Stefani’s song a couple years back, Harajuku girls are anything but bland in the fashion world. But I guess in a thriving metropolis like this:

who can afford not to stand out?

The author of a blog titled “Great Fashion Finds” put Harajuku street fashion in simple terms: “It always reminds me that it’s important to take risks, express yourself through your clothing, and to have fun with fashion!” Harajuku girls really take this statement to the next level though. Take a look at a couple of these snapshots:

Really, there is no one simple word to describe the Japanese style scene. Asian countries in general have a knack for taking the wildest patterns, the loudest colors and the craziest fabrics and mesh them together into an outfit that is truly unique. What I really respect about these international fashionistas is that in order to be “in-style”, they don’t have to wear form-fitting, clothing or invest in a purse that has a value that’s the equivalent to the down-payment of a house. They take everything, from choppy hairstyles to textured shoelaces, and make it their own.

I had a friend in middle school who was going through a gothic fashion phase (which thankfully only lasted for about a week) and ironically looked down on anyone who shopped at Hot Topic. I asked her why, since they dressed the same way she did and she said it was because they basically just went into the store and bought an outfit instead of piecing it together thoughtfully themselves. I guess this sort of runs parallel to the Harajuku fashion scene: you really can't re-create someone's look, even if you wanted to. That, I think, is where the real creativity and originality comes into play.

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