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December 06, 2007

The skinny on denim

With my 5’0” stature, I usually have to resort to Abercrombie kids to find jeans since they’re the only ones that fit snugly around the waist, don’t drag 2 inches on the floor and aren’t embroidered with butterflies and flowers. But in doing that, I’m pretty much limited to two cuts: the skinny jean or the classic low-rise flare, since their target market of 8 to 14 year-old girls don’t usually look for wide-legged or boot-cut denim. That doesn’t necessarily mean that those two styles are the best cuts for my body type though. Thankfully, I found this article entitled “BEST: Jeans" on my AOL homepage just now.

This interactive article gives its readers the low-down on which cuts and washes are most flattering on every body type. If your last visit to the Levi’s store made your head spin, a quick and easy fix would be to invest in the classic boot-cut jean, which, according to the author of the article, can work for any body type. I full-heartedly agree. It’s a sophisticated, timeless, unisex style. Teenage guys and middle-aged women all can pull off this look:

Their commentary on the high-waist jean, however, disappointed me. True, the high-waist jean is meant for girls with a smaller middle, but they failed to acknowledge the fact that it creates the illusion of cutting your torso short, thereby making short girls (like me!) look even shorter. So I guess that I’ll mention now, you should only try to pull off the look if:
1) you’re reasonably tall, and
2) you’re looking for an outfit for a night out of town.
High-waisted jeans are definitely not for your everyday walk to class, especially since they are most typically paired with pointy-toed stilettos.

My favorite cut (although I don’t personally own a pair for myself) is the jean trouser. The modest fit around the waist and thighs makes it a versatile addition to any closet. You can easily wear them for a quick trip to the mall or pair them with a cute top and go out to a club. Personally, I prefer a dark wash when dealing with this kind of cut. Either that, or a neutral solid color (such as tan, brown or heather grey) for business occasions:

But of course, like I said earlier, sadly I have not yet found a store that perfectly caters to petite juniors. Until then, I’ll just keep making my periodic check-up trips to Banana Republic’s short-cut pant section and crossing my fingers in hopes of Abercrombie kids expanding their pant line to include business-casual attire.

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