June 19, 2008

the elegant diminishing

Here I am, June 19th 2008. I don't know the significance of putting that date down, but at the same time I think it shows time in the way we have measured it as opposed to when I last wrote a blog. I went through my final enclosure piece to find out how much I have enclosed as well as continued growing. I finally see the future in present form now. I have wondered about this moment, when I had finished school, and now have reached phase II in my eyes, life after I graduate. And only more than ever has my life continued to remap that enclosure. It is continuously bifurcating so beautifully in ways I never thought possible. Like pouring water down a chalkboard.. sometimes it catches particles, sometimes it doesn't, forming new lines that connect re-connect and separate. I have done just that, with a foundation of living my life with limited fork theory laying the first map to bring mapping to life. I had not realized what mapping was until then, and have now begun making up for lost time. Mapping everything from past to present, to present. Its absolutely beautifully overwhelming. All things considered, really those three words carry so much depth. When all is considered, you really begin to live. Life is all things.. all living things, even space, margins, empty spots, dull moments... all things, objects, movements.... considering all is heavy. Heavy on my mind, and heavy on my heart. I use both, sometimes one takes over the wheel more than others, but that's only natural. Being in tune with you, yourself is how you begin to map and really live in this life.

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