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December 03, 2007

What is poetry? pre enclosure thoughts..

I continually redefine poetry and poams and mapping and apply it to my daily life, the life I take shape in the form of me, myself, my body. From the comments I have received from Professor Moss, and my enlightened mind after reading her blog posts in addition to my own brain interacting with these new insights has signed me onto this neverending(infinityesque) adventure of growth, illumination, insight, and beliefs. My idea of what poetry is has never undergone so much change until now. It's like a caterpillar metamorphing into a butterfly. Its surprise, and the process of it taking place has illuminated my life. This class is illuminating on so many levels. And poetry will forever remain an important aspect of my life as I build the relationship I have with it. Life is poetry, it doesn't have to be published, on print, written in the usual print form, it is everywhere. It is there, and I have found new tools and learned new ways to recognize its disguise, and where it hides. It is dark matter.. :)(new found knowledge Professor Moss shared in a link).
And never could I agree with more the fact that the poem itself is sincerely the outcome, or the by product of the actual illumination, it is evidence that what preceeded it was how the poem was able to be cooked. My experience in writing poetry, even speaking about it with someone is illumination. What happens in my brain when I formulate thoughts for a poem, or written expression of what I can capture in my overactive brain is only a glimpse of something much greater happening to myself, and happening within me. Seconds, milliseconds of moments, like particles all add to the greater whole, and without the smallest fraction of the particle, would the greater whole be able to exist? Who knows, but I think that so much of what happens to us daily, in our dreams, our thoughts, our constant interactions is poetry. It may not be the mainstream way of calling something poetry,rather the marginal way to see it, but nevertheless, poetry. It is everywhere, and to me, it is the things we can't see that keep us ticking, keep us yearning, and hoping. It is a part of life everyday, our own beliefs assimilated with the outside forces acting upon us, and between us. I

I have much more to say, but for now... this is all I have.. the need to write more about this will occur in due time when I have fully digested what I am constantly thinking about.

Posted by maxell at December 3, 2007 04:59 PM


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