January 15, 2009

Academic Statement of purpose

In 2004 I got my first experience in engineering in professor Robert newcombe lab in microelectrical engineering at the university of Maryland. There I assisted him on the development of circuits to mimick neural components. Then in 2005 I got my first experience in the medical field as a volunteer ambulance medic at cabin john fire station near my home. I was part of the first response and performed duties from recovery from a broken vehicle to treatment and transport of a patient in shock. I then furthered my interest in medicine by interning inside the hospital in the neuroradiology department with dr. Wayne olan. In the radiology department I observed and assisted in procedures such as stent implantation and embolisation giving me a great understanding in optics as well as human circulation and oncology. I was able to combine my interest in engineering and medicine by going to the university of Michigan and study in biomedical engineering. I started with the prerquisite class and had an enormous interest in math. I exceled in calculus and 3-d geometrical modeling with the help of my professors. At the university they had combined math and biology into a class which I had decided to take. The mathematical biological modeling course enhanced my learning in both subjects, teaching me real world applications of math while simplifying biology such as the modeling of flight patterns of birds and the activation of the immune system. Once I had entered the biomedical classes I gained interest in biofluids after taking the course with professor joe bull. The class taught the simple biofluids model such as water flow to more complex such as circulatory flow through the body. I though was more interested in the chemistry component of biology and decided to declare as a biochemical engineer. My interest in chemistry in biology lead me to dr. Thomas wants optical molecular imaging lab in the spring of 2008. There I first assisted with the development of the t7 tagged phage to attempt to bind it to cancerous tissue. There I learned techniques such as phage library development and ELISA.

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Personal statement

I was born the son of a doctor and a nurse so I was born into the medical field.

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