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January 24, 2007

ADP 2 assignment

An item that i collect that is of great signifigance to me are my Vampire Hunter D novels. Vampire Hunter D is a novel written by a japanese guy named Hideyuki Kikuchi. It is one of mr. Kikuchis most popular stories and as of today there are 17 novels in the hugely popular ongoing series. Over the years Vampire Hunter D has been adapted into 2 animated films, video games and a live action movie and only continues to grow in popularity.

To most people Vampire Hunter D might be just an ordinary run of the mill book but to me it is much more thsn that. Aside from the fact that i like the story, this series of books represent all of my dreams and aspirations. The author of Vampire Hunter D was allot like me when he wrote the series, a guy who loved to read, watch movies and a guy who dreamt of the day when he would entertain the people of the world with stories that he himself had written. I greatly Admire Hideyuki Kikuchi for his accomplishment, and everytime i buy one of his novels i am reminded of the fact that a persons dreams can come true and my dreams are within my grasp. That is why i collect Vampire Hunter D Books.

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