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February 21, 2007

ADP 2 assignment 2

An item that i found that to me represented an official monument was the statue on glen street of the family of three. There are three family members, a father, mother and son all standing naked while the fathe holds the son in his arms. This statue caught my eye the first time i drove down glen street and has caught my eye ever since.
I recognize the statue as an oficial monument because the very first time i saw it i was riding in the car with my mom and she commented on how "strange" it looked. She said that she thought that it was wierd the way that the father was holding the son in front of him as well as the facial expressions they all donned. Ever sine then i have noticed that statue and it has become like a glen street monument, whenever i pass it i know im almost to north campus. It was also recently brought to my attention that my drawing teacher was the one responsable for that statues creation, now not only is it a signifigant monument because of its location and my mothers comment, but also because i know the person that created it.


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