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March 07, 2007

ADP 2 assignment 3

Social Phenominon
For my social phenomonon i have taken a picture of an alleyway that has been completly painted over. On state street in a back alley every wall is painted with different types of cartoon images and figures ant it completly transforms the alley into something more than just a spooky passage way. Ontop of the painted cartoons you will also find that people do grafitti over the pictures as well. There is also a wall in that alley that is completly covered in gum as well.
I think of this alley as a social phenominon because it was painted by people who came togeather and worked hard in order to transform a dirty old back alley into something more. I also believe that this alley is about allowing the individuals who painted it to be able to express themselves freely the best way that they knew how. The grafitti on the walls as well as the gum just goes to show that any one has the ability to express themselves on the walls of that alley and to somewhat leave their mark on society.

Posted by merrillt at March 7, 2007 11:13 PM


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