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March 12, 2007

ADP 2 assignment 6

A Souvenir

I am really into reading comics and one of my favorite comics is entitled Fullmetal Alchemist. Fullmetal Alchemist is a manga that was created y a woman named Hiromu Arakawa and is a well known sucessful manga throughout both Japan and the U.S. As of today Fullmetal Alchemist has been adapted into a sucessful television show, a theatrical movie as well as sponning several different video games and action figures.

The manga Fullmetal Alchemis is a souvemir of mine beacause since i am a manga artist and love to red and draw manga i spend allot of time at the borders on state street reading books. Every time a Fullmetal Alchemist book is released in stores i go out to borders and pick it up. This book is a souvenir that reminds me of both my time spent during my first year of colloge as well as the hours i have spent at that borders reading manga.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fullmetal_Alchemist This site tells about the manga

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ADP 2 assignment 5

A public posting

On huron street heading towards downtown Ann Arbor there is a church and outside that church is a sign that says "be still and know that i am god". The sign is green with big white italic letters on it that reallt seem to catch your attention whenever you drive or walk past it. The fact that the sign is also decorated with lots of other types of colors did nothing but add to the allure of the sign.

I recognize this sign as being a public posting because of its alluring qualities meaning both the coloring as well as the fact that it portains to god. Mostly because of its relation to god people will see this sign and think that there is a place that they are welcome to, especialy paople that are not familiar with campus. Religious places are often see as places of peace that almost everyone is welcome 2.

http://www.endex.com/gf/buildings/ltpisa/ltpcsm121699.htm This article is related to my blog because it talks about places of worship .

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March 07, 2007

ADP 2 assignment 4

At the beginning of this winter mostly due to global warming the days tended to be a little warm witch came as a shock to those native to michigan, because every one knows that winters in michigan get very cold. Just as people began to adjust to the somewhat warm and rainy weather the temperature droped over night causing the entire landscape to me encased in ice. The neext morning when i woke up i was suprised to see my world transformed into something spectacular.

The trees outside along with everything else was covered in beautiful sheets of ice. I will always recognize this as being a unique enviromental condition because i have lived in michigan all of my life and have never seen anything like it. I will never forget the way that the sun reflected off of the ice caovered trees.

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ADP 2 assignment 3

Social Phenominon
For my social phenomonon i have taken a picture of an alleyway that has been completly painted over. On state street in a back alley every wall is painted with different types of cartoon images and figures ant it completly transforms the alley into something more than just a spooky passage way. Ontop of the painted cartoons you will also find that people do grafitti over the pictures as well. There is also a wall in that alley that is completly covered in gum as well.
I think of this alley as a social phenominon because it was painted by people who came togeather and worked hard in order to transform a dirty old back alley into something more. I also believe that this alley is about allowing the individuals who painted it to be able to express themselves freely the best way that they knew how. The grafitti on the walls as well as the gum just goes to show that any one has the ability to express themselves on the walls of that alley and to somewhat leave their mark on society.

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