July 18, 2008

Art Fair

Damn! I just wrote a really long blog, and with the wrong stroke of the keys, poof, it's gone. :(

Sadly, now I'm only going to summarize.

I dislike Art Fair, the way people walk is rude. Thank you.

Top 5...
5. Amy Schumer - Comedian that I've been a fan of for a couple years, I got to see live last weekend. Awesome! Her new show on Comedy Central, "Reality Bites Back"... well, my jury is still out on it.
4. Golf Themed Parties - I'm just pumped for a party that I'm spinning at tonight.
3. Work - I feel like I recently went through a work slump, but things are good again, and I'm feeling like I'm back in control.
2. The Roommate - Just a shout out to PK for cleaning the 1/2 bath and my toilet. I didn't even ask. Awesome.
1. Elbow - I'm hoping that after my very minor surgery that I a) stop hitting that spot on my elbow causing it to hurt like hell, but also b) hope that I now stop picking at it. Gross but true.

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July 17, 2008


Waste of human life = Andy Dick

That is all.

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July 10, 2008

Catching up...

I went out to see Justin in NJ from 7/2-7/6. That was a whirlwind trip. Drive out and go to a barbeque on 7/2, go to NYC all day on 7/3, go to Philly all day on 7/4, go to the shore and bars all day on 7/5, leave to come home at 6:00am on 7/6. Whew! I'm tired just recapping.

When in NYC we went around the World Trade Center site... it was my first time. While we walked quickly around it, it still just ripped my stomach apart. When you see how big the area is, even without the huge buildings in it, you still get it. You get how big of a thing this was. Then of course my mind went political, and I got pissed that we wasted so much of our time and energy in a war that never really got back at the people who did that to us. Despite that fact it's W, it's hard to believe that our government lost focus so quickly.

I also felt angry towards the conspiracy theorists that surround this event. They have their theories about our government being behind the attack, about WTC 7's collapse, about there being bombs planted, about the rate at which the buildings fell, and more. I was angered thinking about them as we walked around the site because this was a once in a lifetime (or longer) event. There is nothing else to compare this to. We were all looking for answers on that day, and we're still looking for answers now. But to doubt and ridicule experts who are able to study these things and get to the bottom of them is absurd. Then they write books and publish websites, and create documentaries to further fuel the fire, and even to make money. When there's nothing to compare it to, my feeling is that you have to leave it up to the experts and the ones in the know to come up with the answers.

When we were finishing our loop around the site, we passed the WTC Tribute Visitors Center. I want to go back and actually go into that someday. But the reason I bring this place up is because of the waste-of-a-human-life that was selling 4"x6" pictures of the attack. Justin and I walked past him, then I think we realized what he was doing, looked at eachother, and the first thing I could say is, "I want to go back and kick that guy in the teeth." It's sick.

Everything about the trip was great, but of course it was good seeing Justin again. He summed it up perfectly in a text message by saying, "It was quite home." It's true. Hanging out with some friends makes me nostalgic for what used to be, but a handful of my friends, even those who I don't see that often, are just easy to be around.

OK, Top 5...
5. DJing Stuff - I'm continuing the upgrade process. Ripping all of my music onto the laptop take a lot of time! Also, I'm exploring the option of DJing at another bar in town on Saturday nights.
4. Getting Back to Normal From My Trip - It was an exhausting trip, and I needed a few days to recoop.
3. Health - I'm getting back into the swing of working out. This means biking/walking more to/from work, lifting, going for walks, and going to the pool. No, you still won't catch me out for a run.
2. Health II - I've also trying to eat healthier (starting when I got back from NJ). Most of my breakfasts laately have been 2 bananas and water. Lunch has been Subway, Pot Belly's or Jimmy John's... no mayo, no ranch, no cheese. Dinner each night has been pasta w/ tomato & basil sauce and corn on the side. Snacks have been chips and salsa, granted neither one of those is too healthy, but neither one is too unhealthy.
1. Flying - Uh oh, I'm getting the flying itch again. I even started getting back into my flight simulator, which is a very accurate representation of the flying process. Are more lessons in the future? We'll see.

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June 24, 2008

Saturday night

My parents are visiting on Saturday and staying Saturday night. I think it's time to introduce them to beer pong. What do you think?

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June 23, 2008

Where the hell have I been???

Since my last blog a few things have happened, but the most major is that I finally evacuated from my 1-bedroom apartment and am now living in a townhouse. Still in Woodbury Gardens... ie. I'm still paying rent. But hell, it's more space and I've taken on a roommate.

After only two weeks, PK's turning out to be a kick-ass roommate, so I'm thinking this is all going to work out well. Well, let's say I'm realistically optimistic.

For those of you who haven't seen the place yet, I'll try to post pics on my facebook or on here soon.

Song currently playing: "Break Glamorous Hands" (one of my mixes)

Oh... I almost forgot my Top 5!

5. Party - We had our house-warming party on Saturday. It was fun, and I'm ready to have another... possibly bigger... one.
4. Unpacking - Yeah, almost a month later, I'm still unpacking and setting things up.
3. DJ Upgrade - I'm continuing to upgrade all of my DJ stuff and get all music onto my laptop and such.
2. NJ/JB - I'm getting ready to drive out to NJ to visit JB at the beginning of July. Too bad it means i have to do a bunch of stuff to my car... namely get an oil change, replace my cracked windshield, and possibly replace two tires.
1. Jen - Not sure what "we" are or what "it" is right now, but we have fun, and she's cool to hang out with.

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May 08, 2008

Top 5

Ok, once again, time to try something new. This is going to be something i will try to end each blog with... a top 5 list of big toughts or happenings in my life at the moment. I'll do this with little or no elaboration (otherwise, wouldn't it be just another blog entry?).

So, here's the first one.

5. Vacation - Just got back from DC and Dallas and I wanna go back!
4. Facebook - Between chat, scrabble, DJing stuff, work-related things, and noticing that people I'm on good terms with have since removed me as a friend for no apparent reason, facebook takes up a lot of my time.
3. Softball - I just had my first softball game of the summer, it excites me.
2. Moving - I'm already thinking about packing and moving into the townhouse at the end of this month!
1. DJ upgrade - I'm finally catching up with the times and upgrading to a laptop to DJ from and hold all my music. 'Bout time!

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April 20, 2008

Good for the soul

I've been working on karma lately... probably not becuase the Dalai Lama has been within a mile of my home.

I've been trying to be more patient with people, letting people go first, letting others take the last of something I wanted, giving to charity, and basically just try to be an all-around better person.

Sooo, when does the whole "what goes around, comes around" part of this happen?

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April 16, 2008


Well, obviously, my last blog didn't work. Maybe I'll try that idea again later. No worries.

I learned last night that I'm soooo boring. Granted, I was out at the bar on a Tuesday night. However, when a game of "Never have I ever" broke out, I realized that I hadn't done anything that anyone was saying.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. Is it boring that most of the time that I do the right thing or error on the side of caution? I mean, it's probably kept me out of a lot of trouble, and kept my life a little more stress free, but still, I feel like i should have either had some of those experiences that were brought up... or hell, even had a chance to have had some of those occurences.


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April 14, 2008

New blog idea...

Ok, here's my idea to keep me going in blogging, and I have no idea if this will work at all.

Post a comment on this entry that asks me a question. I'll write something to answer them or talk about all of them. If there's a question I don't want to answer directly, I'll at least tell you why.

The questions can be funny or serious, I'll probably want to respond to either kind equally.

Ready? Bring it!

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Lunch Thoughts

Sometimes it's amazing how different working at the same place can be for two different people. Really, it seems to boil down, not to the daily job tasks, but who one works closely with.

I am happy with my job and the people I work with, however, I know a handful of people who don't mind what they do, but lament the fact that they have to come into work everyday because of who they have to work with.

Beyond that, it's amazing that those people who cause the others grief aren't removed from the situation (I'm being as P.C. as i can be) as quickly as possible.

Of course, I'm relating this all to my current and past work experience, but I know that this happens elsewhere. I've heard from friends about their current work situations.

I think that when/if I'm in a position to hire someone, the top quality I'm going to look for and ask references about is the person's ability to not piss others off.

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April 13, 2008

More than a year...

More than a year, and I still have nothing to say?
Haha, not so fast.

I've been thinking about this almost all day. After a year since my last blog, what do I come back with?

I thought about talking about traveling, football, girls, work, DJing, facebook, and even the weather.

Then I thought of something that combined a few of those topics: Dance Marathon.

I was never officially a part of this organization when I was in school, but I've felt like an associate member up until this year. This year, I felt like I was part of the UMDM family, and it was amazing. I've always respected and admired everyone who has organized this event and supported it's charity.

This year was different. I started the year with UMDM by speaking to their Central Planning Committee (CPT) on behalf of the Alumni Association. From there I started DJing their smaller events throughout the year (as I had the year before). Then I started to feel like an advisor to them. I gave them my thoughts on the Marathon itself, and they asked for my feedback.

Thoughout the year (note: when I say "year" I mean this ending school year) my close involvement paid off in other ways. It created opportunities to DJ their parties and events for other groups. It allowed for me to excel at work via speaking to other student groups that CPT members were/are involved in, and via partnering closely with UMDM for Alumni Association promo-opportunities. The Alumni Association heavily sponsored UMDM, more than in years past, and gave me the chance to have the AAUM viewed in a new light to the student body.

Case in point, I DJed 24 of the 30 hours of the Marathon, including the "rave" party part... that's a personal side. On the work side, we once again supplied shirts and glow sticks for the rave. It was great, but what really got me excited about the AAUM/UMDM partnership was this video I recently found on youtube.

It's like I asked this person to do this, but no. I just stumbled across the video, and was shocked to see my personal and work connections to UMDM come through.

The entire Marathon again did not disappoint. Emotional, impactful, fun, tiring, and just plain worth it all.

I had Lloyd Carr and Rich Rodriguez standing right next to me, the Michigan Marching Band blasting spirit at all of us, met 100s of new people, and was made to feel like I made an impact on kids' lives... the lives of both the little kids going through rehabilitation, but also of the college kids involved.

You get what you give to UMDM, and I can't wait to get back to it in the fall.

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March 26, 2007

Be Patriotic, but be Realistic...

So, I just heard a news story about this, "Support Our Troops Day".

I really like this idea. We have various veterans days, and an Armed Forces Day, but nothing (unless I'm wrong) that spotlights the individuals who are fighting/serving right now. However, it made me think about a statement I've heard so much of for the last 4 years. People have said that people need to "support our troops in Iraq because they are defending our country."

Maybe it's because I'm against this war, but I hate that statement. Let's be realistic here. Our troops in Iraq are not defending our nation whatsoever. They are, on the other hand, defending our interests (whether those interests are right or wrong in your eyes). What are our interests in Iraq? Well, to cover the obvious, oil. To cover the not-so-obvious, looking like heroes. Imagine if were are the country that leads the charge to create stability in the Middle East. Awesome, but not realistic.

You know, there was an attack on people who used war-terms for sports. "Football is like going to war." "It's a real battle out there." "We killed them." Those suddenly became not so cool to use, but if that's the case, then let's be patriotic, but be realistic about what we say about the real war in Iraq. The troops aren't protecting us, they are protecting our interests. I just don't think it's worth all the innocent lives.

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February 21, 2007


Yep, I'm going to blog about it. Depending on who you are, you might like what I have to say, you might not, or you might not care.

First the background, in case you don't know what it is. InCircle is the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan's (my employer) version of facebook, friendster, etc. It serves as the University's directory and networking community, and also allows for posting your resume and it hosts our job board. The premise sounds great... a central location to network with alumni and students of U of M, and potentially find a job with an employer looking to get a candidate pool of Michigan graduates. It's just too bad that inCircle is an inferior product.

On the user side, and even if I didn't work for the Alumni Association, I would probably use inCircle just like I use facebook and myspace. I'd connect with friends, joins groups, and post my resume and look at jobs.

The problem lies on our side, the working/management side. We used to have a great job board and resume posting website. Jobs were posted by the same types of employers, but the better part was the resumes could be viewed by any employer. The problem with inCircle is that 1) only employers who are alumni can view resumes, 2) resumes cannot be searched easily, and 3) inCircle's company doesn't work with our organization very easily. They aren't customer service friendly, they won't make any changes we want quickly or easily, and sometimes they aren't even open to our suggestions.

This is what makes inCircle an inferior product. It could be such an exciting and more useful tool if the people who run inCircle would listen to us and make changes that would benefit our alumni and students. These problems have occurred over time, and most recently today. This is why I'm venting and blogging about this now.

Is there a point to this? Well there's a couple. If you are a U of M grad or student, please feel free to add me as a friend on inCircle... but, please also if you find a problem with it, send in your suggestion or your complaint. There are powers in numbers and sometimes it feel like there's only a few staff members at work who are fighting it.

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February 12, 2007

No explanation...

Who says that spin the bottle is only for those in Jr. High or High School?

Whoops, damn drinking. It leads you down a bad path everytime.

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January 23, 2007

State of the Cartman...

Isn't sad that I find an episode of South Park more insightful, deeper, and smarter than our president's State of the Union speech?

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Water Park...

Friday after I came home from work, I noticed a big wet spot on the ceiling of my living room. Worried that a pipe was leaking or snow melting was seeping in, I called in a maintenance request.

Today, the maintenance people came to and left this note, "Opened up the ceiling and found that water had been spilled in unit above..."

My questions to my upstairs neighbor are, what in the hell were you doing and how much water did you "spill" (in your LIVINGROOM!!) that it went through your carpet, through your floor boards, and through my ceiling!?!?

This ain't no water park!

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January 15, 2007

Fun and old.

Oops, I didn't realize it had been 12 days since my last post. Well, I'm back, baby.

Friday night was another highlight of my DJing "career" as I finally got to spin in the church on Church St. For those of you who don't know. The building is a former church that was turned into a few apartments. I think I had last been in that place in 2001, and I've wanted to DJ there ever since. The party was packed, everyone seemed to enjoy everything I played, and for me, it was great because I was up on a loft looking down on the dancefloor.

Now, I didn't mind being a 27-year old in a party full of 19-21 year olds, but I was asked by a 20 year old MSU student, "OK, tell me honestly, how old are you?"

I said, without blinking an eye, "27, why how old do I look? I'm always told I look older than I am."

Her response, "I was gonna say 30."

Should I reserve my spot in the old folks home now?

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January 03, 2007

To live and die in LA - 2Pac

From Dec. 29, 2006 to Jan 2, 2007, my parents and I traveled with the Alumni Association out to Cali for the Rose Bowl tour.

I don't have much to say, other than it was fun. I got to go to a lot of places that I had and had not been in 2004. As usual, i like getting my parents to travel and I like making sure that they are having a good time and can relax and enjoy the trip. However, now that that's over, I need a vacation!

So, everything but the football game was good. I can't believe that the Michigan football team couldn't get it together. It was ugly and embarassing. We thought this team should be playing ohio state for the National Championship!? That wasn't the same team I remember.

LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills are all nice places, but they all made me realize that I'm living where I want to be. There are so many reasons that So. Cal is a great place to visit, but not anywhere that I want to live.

That being said, hopefully I'll be back next year with our real football team!

Go blue.

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December 27, 2006


Today I saw a stop sign by campus that had the word "Playin'" at the bottom of it. So it read, "Stop playin'". I was amused.

I've seen other stop signs that have "the war" at the bottom of them. I'm amused by this because it's accomplishing nothing. Why waste your time painting a stop sign to get your message across?

Also, today, I saw a license plate on a car that read, "GIGITY". I laughed out loud at that one.

Oh, signs.

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December 26, 2006

A joke for ya...

Two television antennas meet on a roof, fall in love and get married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent!

Just a joke for ya.

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December 20, 2006

Does it exist anymore....

So, this morning, this other dude and I are about to walk off the bus at the same time. So, I stop and I let him go first, and he gave me a nod of appreciation. Then, he steps out of the bus and stops to hitch up his backpack, right there on the curb! This is semi-fine, semi-rude in itself, but the problem is that he has trouble with one of the straps. So, there he stood and on the edge of the inside of the bus is where I stood, waiting for him to move so I could get off the bus.

Seriously, common-sense courtesy... does it exist anymore?

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December 14, 2006


Some more random things and thoughts.

-If you're going to the Rose Bowl, raise your hand. I know you can't see it, but I'm raising my hand. Unfortunately, I'm not going for work this time, but I am going with the bowl tour at work. My parents decided they wanted to go as a family x-mas present, so we're going!

-Beauty and the Geek on MTV. Giving hope to all of us, ina really weird way. Also, a girl just cried and it made me remember one of my biggest pet peeves about girls crying on TV... WHY in the HELL are you waving at your face when you're crying!?!?!?!?! What's the point? Are you hot? Are you trying to dry the tears? Or, as I suspect, are you trying to draw attention to yourself!? Ugh.

-Went to a Christmas party last night. I didn't want to go empty handed, so I brought egg nog, candy canes, ice cream, and presents for a few. It made me ralize how I'm really in the mood to give in various way to all the favorite people in my life. No, this doesn't mean you should try to get stuff out of me, and it doesn't mean that I don't like you if I don't do something for you, it just means that Matty Clause could get ya at any point. Ho. Ho. Ho. :)

That's about it for now. I'll be back with more randomness.

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December 02, 2006


What to write about? I realize that I haven't written in a while, so I kinda feel like I should. I guess I can just recap some things.

Probably number one in my mind has been U of M football for so many reasons. I wrote about my personal Bo memory. Beyond that, two games that impact the team are being played later today (or, since I haven't go to bed yet... tomorrow). For the third year in a row, I've gone to the Football Bust.. or banquet. It was fun as usual, got to hob-nob a little, got to represent the Alumni Association, and got to have another one of those moments where I was experiencing something that I felt like I had no right to experience. Yeah, I'm a grad of U of M and I work for U of M and I'm a huge U-M sports fan, but it just seems like this is the kind of event that big-timers or family should only be at. Yet, there I was. I don't completely know why I feel I shouldn't have been there, but that feeling lingers.

Another thing weighing on my mind recently is DJing. After quitting Millennium/Cavern (I'm still glad I did, don't get me wrong), I was hoping my friends would come up with some gigs for me. Obviously they'd be free gigs (DJing is still about the fun, not the money, to me). The problem is that I see on facebook that people I know and/or friends are going to parties and such, but I never hear that they tried to get me into the party to DJ it. I know they do, when I ask them to ask the party hosts, but I wish I didn't have to prompt it all the time. Oh well, word of mouth has gotten me this far...

My "love" life is also on my mind. Actually the lack of it is on my mind. It's weird, I've never found it so difficult to either get a date or generate a little interest from the opposite sex. I'm batting .000 here and I'm not sure I can find the batter's box anymore. That was a metaphor for having some "game", not anything sexual... ya perverts.

There are some health things on my mind too. One with my mom and one with a friend. I don't need to get into it because I'm sure they'll both be fine. But they're a couple of things that I've been thinking about.

I'll end it here, and I'll TRY to update more often, especially since I know about 4 of you read this. Later :)

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November 19, 2006

Remembering Bo...

First is an email sent to the University community from U-M President, Mary Sue Coleman. After that, I've added a personal Bo memmory.


A part of the University of Michigan died today with the untimely passing of Bo Schembechler.

Few people exceed their reputations. Bo was the exception. He was forever dedicated to Michigan, to our students, our alumni and our fans.

His contributions on the athletic field are legendary. Yet Bo's impact at Michigan goes well beyond the hash marks of Michigan Stadium, and we should always remember the depth of his contributions to a university he loved.

Bo was a teacher and a mentor. He was a benefactor who believed in the promise of cancer research at Michigan. And as he showed us just this semester, he was a student eager to learn. He loved the life and vitality of a university, and he contributed mightily to the culture and traditions of the University of Michigan.

Bo believed learning and excellence went hand-in-hand. He helped to shape the lives of generations of U-M students, and that is a timeless tribute to the dedication he showed our university.

"Leadership" is part of the Michigan lexicon. Bo helped to make this so, both on and off the field.

Never again will we know the likes of Bo Schembechler. And while we are saddened and stunned by his death, we are also filled with the gratitude that comes with warm memories. As individuals and as a university community, we enjoyed the privilege of knowing Bo and benefiting from his irrepressible personality and loyalty. He made Michigan a better university.

Mary Sue Coleman


Of course Bo was a great coach, of course Bo was a great Athletic Director, of course Bo helped make Michigan what it is today, but I had a brief chance to get to see what kind of guy Bo was outside of the known.

I used to work at the U of M golf course. One slow day, Bo came in, to my surprise, because he wanted spikes on his and his wife's golf shoe replaced/fixed. So, I jumped at the chance. I took his shoes, replaced and fixed the spikes, and returned the shoes to him, never expecting him to pay... why would I make Bo pay for something to small? So, I hand the shoes to Bo and he says, "How much do I owe ya?" I responded with, "Nothing, you're all set." Bo's response, "Really?" (Wait, he really wanted and expected to pay!?) "Of course," I said. So, then he wanted to give me a tip for doing it, and I saw him take a $5 bill out of his pocket. I said, "No that's OK, but thanks." Then, to my surprise he reached back into his pocket and said, "OK, since you won't take five, here's $15." He put the five and a ten on the counter, said "Thanks" and walked off.

I felt weirdly respected by the man that didn't have to respect the lowly proshop cashier.

Ok, that's my Bo story. I've encountered him personally at other times, but that's the story I'll always remember, so I thought I'd share.

We'll miss ya, Bo.
Go blue.

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November 09, 2006

Rest yet?...

Holy hell this week has been a blur!

Monday was the blurriest. I put on a student event for the Alumni Association at Buffalo Wild Wings. Basically I spent all day on Monday getting ready for the event, setting up for the event, and having the event. Luckily, all the hard work paid off and the event and everything that went into it was a success.

Tuesday was spent with follow up for the event. Contacting people, answering questions, getting people their prizes, etc. Of course, before work I made sure to go vote. I voted Yes on Proposal 2, hoping that it would pass, but not really expecting it to. I was shocked that it not only passed, but passed by a wide margin. Part of me is glad it passed, but another part of me wishes it would've passed by a smaller margin.

Wednesday was weird. I was in a really crappy mood all day. People were bugging me, the debate over what happened in the election was bugging me, seemingly everything was bothering me and I'm not sure why. Nevertheless, I had to put up with my own bad mood and so did everyone around me. At work in the afternoon, I had a one-on-one meeting with the President of the AAUM. I wasn't really sure what to expect, I didn't have any expectations, but it still went better than expected (makes sense?). We spent 30 mins on what the passing of Prop. 2 would mean to the University, then spent another 30 on my thoughts of the AAUM, my future, and talking about my event from Monday. Overall was the meeting productive or beneficial, well, I'm not sure. I'll say that it was good though, and I'd do it again anytime.

Today, I had meetings all morning, I DJed for the Alumni Association and Dance Marathon on the Diag, then had an afternoon meeting.

Tomorrow, pack up the staff van and it's off to Indiana for the tailgate and football game.

Like I said, the week flew by. Can I have just one day to rest yet?

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October 31, 2006

Vote on Tuesday...

I saw a bumper sticker with a familiar saying on it today, "United We Stand." My instant-reaction thought, "Too bad our country's leader is divided from us all."


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October 25, 2006

Prop 2

Before I say anything, please read Proposal #2, that will be on the ballot in Michigan this Novemeber 7th.


The proposed constitutional amendment would:
• Ban public institutions from using affirmative action programs that give preferential treatment to groups or individuals based on their race, gender, color, ethnicity or national origin for public employment, education or contracting purposes. Public institutions affected by the proposal include state government, local governments, public colleges and universities, community colleges and school districts.
• Prohibit public institutions from discriminating against groups or individuals due to their gender, ethnicity, race, color or national origin. (A separate provision of the state constitution already prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin.)

I'm white, but I'm not racist. I'm male, but I'm not sexist. I am, however, voting YES on this issue. Which goes against almost everyone and everything you see in SE Michigan and specifically Ann Arbor.

My reasoning for voting YES is pretty simple. I don't think race or gender should be considered in any decisions involving being accepted to a public University or being hired for a job. Let the best woman or man win... or in. What I think should be taken into account in these decisions is not covered in this proposal.

I'll face it, Lakewood High School was not one of the best high schools in the state. I would guess that it still isn't one of the best. Some neighboring high schools, like Maple Valley, were not the cream of the crop either. Why not? These school districs didn't have the money and funding to give top notch educations. A lot of the families in my school district were farm families, many of them were not too well-off financially.

So, what I would like to see, instead of race, instead of gender, is the socio-economic status (SES) be counted. These are the people who are trully born and living one step behind many others both in education and in the real world. It sounds nearly horrible to say, but under the current form of affirmative action, an African-American child from a slightly wealthy family has a better chance to get into a publicly funded school, than a child with equal grades in equal school classes but from a very poor family. You're telling me that that African-American child is slightly "better" or needs more help than the white kid, simply because he's black.

Isn't that racist?

In my scenario that I just laid out, I'm not saying the white kid should have an advantage because his family is poor. I'm actually saying that they should be equals, but since affirmative action wants to award help to those who need it, should the white child get that help? He's the one who is at a disadvantage because his family has no money... the way it stands now, he's at a disadvantage because he's white too.

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October 19, 2006

A Victim...

I just saw these links on cnn.com...

Priest tells of nudity with Foley | Video

At first, I laughed out loud, because out of context, I read it as video of the preist being naked with Foley... I didn't really want to see that.

But then I started to think about this "scandal". I don't care what from Congressman Foley's past drove him to write inappropriate IMs to underage DC pages. The fact is that he still did it, and I don't want these stories coming out that make Foley look like a victim here.

Just because many in the Nazi party were brainwashed to believe in Hitler's vision, doesn't make them less guilty for murdering people. They still killed people, and at that point, they are no longer the victims.

Sorry, Congressman Foley, but once you began inappropriate behavior with underage children, then the title of victim was replaced by criminal. Nothing will ever make me sorry for anyone who egages in any kind of sexual behavior (real or virtual; physical or verbal) with minors. You just lost your right to be a victim.

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October 16, 2006

Continue doing what you do...

OK, I have to write about it because it's been so obviously lately.

There's been a trend lately among the ladies, that I don't understand, but I am in no way complaining about. I've seen friends doing it. I've seen randoms doing it. I've seen it in pictures. I've seen it at the bar. I've seen it on the dance floor. I've seen it sober. I've seen it drunk.

So, why, ladies, are you grabbing, rubbing, and/or caressing your female friends boobs... especially in public? I mean, are you trying to get guys' attention? It works, but really, do you have to use that tactic? You realize you're making him think that if he gets one of you that he actually gets both of you. And you know that's just not true. That's bait 'n' switch, and that's just wrong.

From my point of view, I'm sorry JB, E, Ebidel, Gbidel, and other dudes, I'm not touching any part of you to get any girl. It just won't happen. I don't care if it's Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears (in her prime), or Mandy Moore... I ain't touchin' you to get her or help you get her.

So, ladies aged 18-30, why are you doing this? I had to bring this up because last Saturday night ran rampant with these occurrences. Fine, I'll admit, it was fun to look at, but I'm one of those people who starts to analyze why you would do things like this (I shoulda been a shrink).

So, to recap. Why? But please continue doing what you do.

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October 15, 2006


Is this all real?

After going 7 and 5 last year, the Michigan football team is undefeated at 7-0? Really?

After being the "losingest" team over the last three years, the Detroit Tigers are really going to the World Series!? There's no way.

After years of DJing for very little money or for free, I'm now getting paid every week to DJ in a club? I'm also getting dibs on private parties too? No way, I'm not buying it.

Let's just say that things are fun right now. :)

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October 08, 2006

Go Blue...

The best part of the Michigan/msu football game yesterday was when they announced the players and coaches for both teams. The Michigan fans booed all the msu football players and cheered for John L. Smith. There was also a sign reading, "Keep John L."

6-0 and we roll on!

Go Blue!

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October 01, 2006

I'm back...

OK, ok, I'm back. Hi.

Two weeks ago I was in DC for a little fam-vacay. DC was as fun as ever, and remains one of my favorite cities in the world (other favorite cities in the world London, Paris, and Chicago). This trip to DC was different than any I've had before. We stayed in Alexandria, took time to "discover" Alexandria, and went to some new places in DC... I won't bore you with details. Of course, the highlight of the trip was arriving on Saturday and running to the bar where the U of M Alumni Club was watching the UM/Notre Dame game. Awesome. Plus, a friend of mine won a t-shirt and football tix... I'm always happy to help a friend.

After getting back from DC, E came to Ann Arbor. Drunken escapades ensued. On the Sunday after the Wisconsin game, I worked a tour of Michigan Stadium. Sweet because I got to throw a football around on the field, went into the locker room, and went into teh press box. Have I mentioned that I like my job? :)

Sunday night, E and I went bar hopping. (Note: bar hopping in Ann Arbor on a Sunday night is a snooze-fest.) We ended up staying most of the night at the Brown Jug. Holy crap! I'm now officially semi-boycotting the Brown Jug. Going up to the bar and getting drinks was no problem. Asking for a menu from a waiter was no problem. But getting someone to take our food order, BIG problem. No one ever came, no waiter or waitress ever made eye-contact with us, and I even tried waving to get someone's, anyone's attention. WTF. Seriously, it just became a matter of principle. I wasn't about to make a scene and yell or something to get the attention of someone who I'd be giving my money to and possibly tipping. Rediculous.

E took off on Monday and I ended up going to Warren to pick up my newly repaired speakers and amp. Woo hoo! I feel like a complete DJ again. Tuesday, I died with sickness, but recovered enough to get back to work for Wednesday-Friday.

I DJed another successful/fun night at Gotham City. That little room in the back of a big building is me. It's dark, it's loud, and I can interact with the crowd. Lest I forget, I also get paid. Not that it was ever needed, but it does feel nice to be consistently paid for DJing finally.

Well, that was my last two weeks in a nutshell [insert Austin Powers joke here]. Now that things have once again settled a bit, hopefully I'll keep up on blogging a little better.


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September 12, 2006

My Double-life...

I don't know how some dudes are able to have two girlfriends or have a wife and a mistress, or in some weird cases have two wives/families.

This is my thought as I'm finding it more and more difficult to lead my double-life, 9-5er and DJ.

The DJing has been picking up. Again, DJing is not a job, it doesn't pay the bills, but it's a hobby that I love doing. Work is my bread and butter (as in it allows me to buy bread and butter).

The management becomes difficult when work has me do things on the weekends and when DJing has me doing things on weekdays. Tough call.

Right now I'm gonna roll with them both and make the best out of both. It'll take some effort, but if I can find the rhythm for both, I'll be all good. And on with my double-life...

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September 11, 2006


This is my "Where were you during 9/11" story. As the years go on, of course, things get skewed in my mind.

Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. I had a 10am class. It was a sociology class that I had skipped a couple times. So, when I woke up that day, I knew I had to go.

I remember waking up before my alarm this day, probably due to the bright sun coming through my blinds. So, while in bed I wanted to turn on the TV, probably to ESPN, to start waking up. I put my hand in the usual remote spots and never found it. Then I knew I had to get out of bed ans search for it. After looking all over, I decided to just start getting ready for the day. So, I took my clothes with me into the bathroom, and as normal, I turned on the radio. The first thing I heard, "Oh my God, there's been another explosion, oh my God." from the female DJ. I thought, OK, time to turn on the TV!

I turned on the TV, NBC, and there were my first images of of the attack. So, I watched for a few minutes and was capitvated by all of it... especially since it involved aviation. Two planes into two towers and my mind still thought it was an accident.

I quickly got dressed for class and got back to the TV. I was watching what was going on in NYC, when they broke in with news that the Pentagon had been hit. It all clicked in my head then, and I got scared, but yet it still felt distant. Nevertheless, I called my parents as quickly as possible. I called home and got no answer. I wasn't worried about them because it seemed like I was calling them for answers.

Getting no answer at home, I got back to the TV. At 10am, I knew I had to go to class, didn't I? So, I left my apt. with my walkman radio playing so I could keep up with it all on the news. You know how you keep hearing that it was a clear blue day in New York, well it was a clear blue day in Ann Arbor too.

I get to class and wait for my friend Kylie to get there too. When she came in there was only about 6 others in the room, no professor yet. She sat down, and only half-jokingly, I asked, "Would you take notes for me? I'm going to go home and watch TV." When she said no, with a fun attitude, I knew she hadn't heard. I told Kylie what I saw and what was going on, and someone's phone rang. Our classmate picked up his phone, and everyone in the class could hear the female screaming. She was in New York. Then I remember she screaming, "There's another explosion, I think a third plane just knocked over the tower!" (Come to find out that was tower 1 falling down)

The professor came in the room, we were expecting him to say something, anything about what was happening. When he didn't, Kylie and I left, went to my apartment and stayed glued to the TV. Time went on, and in the hodge-podge of eveything that was going on, I remember tower 2 collapsing. I rememberour friend Justin and my girlfriend at the time, Jenny, coming over to watch with us. I remember my mom calling me back and the first thing she said was, "Isn't this amazing what's happening." (Obviously she didn't mean 'amazing' in the positive sense) I remember the news speculation, the new video clips, and waiting for what was next. I remember thinking, "There's been so much going on, is it over yet, or is there another attack coming?"

The day wore on and I realized I had to work at the U of M Golf Course that afternoon. So, at 12:30, I called to find out if we were still open and if I had to go in. It was and I did. So, 1:15 came and I had to leave. Kylie, Justin, and Jenny stayed at my place (Which, thinking back seems kind of weird, but also makes a lot of sense... we all needed to be with someone during this time.)

I got to work, and we had a few golfers, but not many. I remember late in the evening a couple of guys coming in to play golf and saying something like, "Thanks for being open, we needed to get away from the news coverage." All I wanted to do was be home.

I remember getting a call at work from my parents. My mom had said she heard on news that gas prices were expected to skyrocket. So, I talked with my two coworkers, Emily and Patrick. We decided we would go fill up our cars one at a time. So, I went and the line to get gas was long. Apparently everyone else heard the same news.

I came back and I heard some news from my friends at the apartment. They said another building fell (Tower 7). I got worried, but they said that it was a structual failure not another attack.

After work, at about 9pm, I went back to my friends at my apartment. We watched for a while and one-by-one they had to check out. It was becoming too much to bear. That night I couldn't sleep. I was still glued to the coverage. Through my head, "Any new details? Any survivors? How will they put these fires out? Would I have class tomorrow? I got to get to sleep!" I remember seeing 4:05am on Sept. 12th. Then I fell asleep.

That's where I was, that's what I was doing.

As I said a few blogs ago, I wasn't directly affected by 9/11. However I think we all were affected by 9/11.

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September 06, 2006

Get a grip...

My letter to facebook.com about recent changes that have caused near riots on the site...
Hey guys and gals,

I just wanted to say that I think the new news feed is a great way to see what's going on with your friends. I completely agree with your blog where it states, "stalking isn’t cool; but being able to know what’s going on in your friends’ lives is."

Users of facebook, in my opinion, need to wise up a little and think about it. Don't add people you don't know. Don't update and/or remove information you don't want floating around in facebook-space.

Bottom line, I just wanted to say keep up the good work.


Come on people. All you have to do is be a little smarter with your information and who you claim as a "friend" on this site. This is very similar to what's been going on with myspace.com. People just weren't using it wisely. So, be smart and GET A GRIP!

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September 05, 2006

Getting my speakers replaced...

Well shit. I've had my new DJ equipment for about a month now, and Sunday night BOTH of my speakers blew-out! Dammit. That's a good way to ruin a great party. So, I gotta see what I can do to get them replaced by Saturday. Ugh, really it's just more frustrating than anything else... as long I don't have to pay for replacements! Yikes.

OK, done bitching, now some something sweet!

A cool new thing on my myspace page is that I added an mp3 jukebox. I have it set to play all the mixes I've created, and I'll update as I put new mixes together. It's kind of a pain to put together, but I'm really happy with the end result. I especially like it since I can listen to it at work.

Speaking of myspace. I'm getting more and more tired of the superficiality of facebook and myspace. It's nice to add "freinds" and (re)connect with people, but if I add you as a friend at least say Hi. When I add acquaintace-friends on facebook, I like to send a note to say something like, "Hi, we met at blah blah blah... Hope you had fun at the party, etc etc, yadda-yadda." I don't have to send this note, but I want people to remember me. What do I get in return? I'm added as a friend and never hear from that person again. I'm not saying I'm looking for a full-time penpal, but a quick note would be nice. I find the other just leads to awkwardness the next time you see the person.

Back to reality, dammit, getting my speakers replaced.

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September 01, 2006

No worries...

I'll write again soon. No worries.

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August 27, 2006

DJ Styles reporting...

Just a DJing update.

Friday night I got to use ALL of my new equipment for the first time. The only problem was my amp overheated twice. I think I may have caused that, and will be ready for the nex time I use it.

The party on Friday was 1990s-themed. Holy hell, that was fun! I played a lot of random music. Music I really haven't played since high school! It was a damn good time... until the cops came and broke it up at 1:30. Bummer.

Saturday I was back at Gotham. The night started a little slow, but I realized it was slow in the whole building, not just my dance floor. Whew! However, it was really busy from midnight to 1:30. At the end of the night, I got one of those signs that I know everyone was having fun... the people booed me when I announced last song. Haha, I never mind being booed, but this is the best booing because it means they want more. Oh well, to them I say, "Come back out next week."

And that was this weekend in entertainment. For Mblog, DJ Styles reporting. :)

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August 25, 2006

Thanks, me...

Note to self: If you go out on a work night, when you get home, GO TO BED! Do not stay up for another hour for no reason. You'll appreciate it more in the morning!


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August 23, 2006

Tigers are making me fat...

What happened?!? In the last few days I re-became a lazy ass. All summer I worked out (ie. biked, lifted, ran, swam, etc.) about 5 days a week. Suddenly, in the last 4-6 days, bupkis [sp?]. I can't motivate myself to do one situp right now. Obviously, I got my lazy butt off the couch to write this, but so what! This is nothing.

Whatever. I'll just say that maybe this is my body's way of telling me that it needs a little break. Or, maybe, it's just because I have a reason to stay in and do nothing... the Tigers. They're winning and recently have had a tough/important stretch of games. I think that's a better excuse, the Tigers are making me fat.

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August 21, 2006

Change is surreal...

A surreal weekend it was.

I kind of explained it a couple of blogs ago. I went to a wedding reception for a friend (Becky) I haven't seen in 5-6 years. I'll be honest, I walked in the door and I was nervous, more than I thought I would be. Would anyone remember me? Did anyone drastically change? Have I drastically changed? So, I nervously walked in the door, signed the guestbook, looked up and got a huge hug from the Becky's mom. Now that's a welcome to soothe the soul!

Not only did Becky's mom and the others remember me, but they seemed excited to see me. Unreal. Becky, who I first new when she was in 8th grade was in her wedding dress and pregnant. Unreal. Her sister, Nicole, who I used to have a crush on way-back in the day and who I last saw in 2000 was there with her 2-yr old son. Unreal! Luckily, I was fortunate enough to spend about 15 minutes just sitting and talking with Becky, catching up, and remembering the old times. Sadly, Nicole's son was injured and she had to leave to take care of him, so I didn't have the same opportunity to catch up with her. All-in-all, the whole experience was one of those things I never thought I would get into, but I feel like I came away with renewed friendships.

After the wedding reception, I met up with a couple other 'old' friends, Andrea and Amanda. Sadly, Andrea couldn't stick around long (plus I took more time than I planned at the wedding reception), but Amanada, who I haven't talked to in years, and I had a lot of time to catch up.

I had a great time with everyone, and I can't wait for the next opportunity to see any or all of them. It's weird that after all this time, I was able to fall right back into my friendships. The saying is that "You can't go home again." Saturday night proved that saying wrong. You can go home again, but you have to expect that things change. Even though it's expected, change is surreal.

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August 20, 2006

Affected by 9/11...

I've heard that we're a generation that will be defined by 9/11. I hate that 9/11 happened; I hate that for the rest of my life, my "I'll always remember where I was when" moment will be 9/11; I hate that our fucking president decided to attack some country rather than doing all that it would take to bring us the heads of those who planned 9/11.

I wasn't there. I didn't know anyone in the planes or in the buildings. However, I can never pull myself away from television shows, websites, and new news reports of what happened that day. I hate that these people did something that has consumed even a tiny part of me.

As the 5th anniversary of 9/11 is right around the corner, and I'm watching a show on The Learning Channel about 9/11, I wonder why I can't turn the channel. I wonder why, even though this shit rips me apart every time I see it, I seem to be fascinated by it. I hate that it can keep my attention.

I was in no way directly affected by 9/11, yet, I'm directly affected by 9/11.

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August 17, 2006

The games begin...

Hooray for Jackson, Michigan.... *cough*

Not really, but hooray for taking Thursday and Friday off. I've got a pretty weird next few days coming up.

Today, I'm going to Jackson to go to lunch and go to a winery with my parents and my Danish ex-girlfriend's parents. They're in the country for vacation and stopped by for a few days.

Tomorrow, I have the day off and will be around my apt., but I'll be just doing random weekend things (think laundry, etc.) because I'll be gone Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, I'm going with my parents and the Danes to the Danish Festival in Greenville, MI. That festival is really kinda crappy. And when you know Danish people, and you've been to Denmark, it's really just an embarassment. Nevertheless, my mom wants to go to show them. The best part, at least, is all the food.

Saturday gets weirder. Backstory: I recently reconnected with a high school friend over myspace who I haven't seen in, oh, about 6 years. Well, she just got married and invited me to come by the wedding reception in Lansing. So, I'm so going to go! I haven't seen her or her sister in so long. It's weird, but I'm excited to see them and nervous all at the same time. I'm not really sure where the nervousness is coming from... I guess you never know how people have changed, or how you've changed.

After a stop-in at the wedding reception, I'm going out to a bar in Lansing with a couple more friends from high school. Though it's hard to call one person 'a friend from high school' because she and I have actually kept in touch over the years. Then back to my parents' house.

Sunday I'll probably hang out with the folks for a while and comeback to A2 at some point.

Well, that's about it for now, plus I gotta head off to Jackson. Woo, Jackson! ugh. Let the games begin.

Song currently playing: Big Tymers - Still Fly

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August 15, 2006

Growing up and growing older...

Yeah, it was too good to be true... a second blog in one day.

I recently realized that I screwed up. I screwed up bad. Slowly, I'm in the process of reconnecting with people that I haven't talked to in a very long time. I screwed up, it shouldn't have been such a long time. So, now, I get news... good news, bad news, weird news, expected news, and unexpected news about the people that I lost touch with. People I lost touch with for no good reason. And the news hits me, it hits hard. I don't know why. I mean, I guess when you lose touch with someone, they stay frozen as that last image you have of them. So, when a whirlwind of good and bad and normal changes happens over the course of time, it seems like instant change.

I screwed up. As much as it was their responsibility to stay in touch with me, it was my resposibility to stay in touch with them. I screwed up, I didn't uphold my responsibilities.

Is this just part of growing up and growing older?

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I won't complain...

Once again, last weekend, I was back DJing at Gotham City Club in Ann Arbor. The crowd was small, but it was still a good time. I'll have fun DJing if it's for 1000 or if it's for 5 people.

I recently finished my DJing website. It's nothing spectacular, but it gets the point across.

Really, other than DJing-related stuff, and the fact I have a 3-day work week this week, I really don't have any other news or rants. But, of course, stay tuned, as this could change tonight.

Side note: Someone keeps professing their love for me on my MySpace page. It's really nice of whomever is doing that, but I just wish I knew who's doing it, since they are using the "refridgerator magnets," which you use anonamously. Ah well, keep loving me, I won't complain.

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August 09, 2006

Giddy for Google...

I know there may be a lot of people who are wondering why Google opening a "branch" in Ann Arbor is such good news. We've heard local news stations rave about it, politicians attempt to steal a little bit of the spotlight, and rumors, rumors, rumors.

I think the best way to sum it up is in this article from the Observer & Eccentric newspaper by Phil Power.

It's basic, but real. It's why anyone who loves Michigan and loves Ann Arbor is giddy for

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August 08, 2006

Weekend and two days...

Wow! I gotta get caught up here. So much has happened recently.

Friday night I went out with some people to 8-Ball and Circus/Millennium Club/Cavern Club/Gotham City. We played pool up in Circus, and later on that night everyone decided to leave, accept I stayed back to feel out the scene at Millennium Club. At the end of the night, as the place was closing, I went a talked with the DJ. Well, he then introduced me to the owner/manager. After talking with him for about 15 mins, he asked me to come in the next night to DJ at Gotham City!!! Sweet!

Saturday I got all my stuff together, updated my music, loaded up the car and I was to the club by 7:30. I thought the set-up for the night was going to be band in Cavern, DJ in Millenium and me in Gotham. As it turned out, the other DJ wasn't coming, so I was the only dancefloor. So, I had a good crowd and it was a great time!

Sunday, dad came to AA and we went to the Tigers game and watched a somewhat boring 1-0 win by the Tigers. It was the first time I saw them win live in about 3-4 years! Thank god the losing streak is over! ha.

Sunday night, I was going to make an appearance at a friends birthday party. Well, the appearance ended up being about 2+ hours and involved going to the bar. But it was hella fun, and I didn't have to get up super-early on Monday because...

Monday, wasn't a real day of work. We had a "team retreat" at my boss's house. Free breakfast, free lunch, some discussion and brainstorming, followed by 2 hours of bowling! Best. Team. Retreat. Ever.

Monday evening I lost all my money... but in a good way. I ended up making the first major upgrade to my DJ equipment ever! I went into the store in Warren, gave them some $$ and I came away with some sweet stuff! I almost look professional now... huh!? After spending money on that, I met up with Sarah and spent more money at dinner. Good times, good times.

Today, Tuesday, after work, I came home, tried out all my new equipment, and even took pictures of it.

Needless to say, I had a great weekend and two days.

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August 03, 2006

Nothing to report...

I've been kinda busy working, making a new website, and worrying about DJ stuff to really have anything stick in my brain to blog about. So, today, nothing to report.

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August 02, 2006

That's about it...

Yeah, I don't know. I got nuthin' today.

I'm working on my new DJ website, work went well, and that's about it.

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August 01, 2006

Bitch about them...

There are things that annoy me and there are things that I just don't like. Here is a incomplete list of things I don't like.

- People who are assholes on purpose... why make other people miserable because you are?
- People who think the world owes them something... No matter how hard you work for something or how much time you put in 'paying your dues,' you can still end up with dittily-squat, deal with it.
- Homeless people, vagrants, gypsies, hobos, etc... First, see my previous bullet point, but I'm sorry, sitting there asking for money isn't going to make me want to give you money. Do something, anything, for the cash.
- Things that oddly happen simultaneously... It freaks me out and I don't like it. Like opening a door and a light burns out. Or hanging up the phone and a car alarm goes off. Or people saying the same thing in unison. Creepy.
- Overly religious people... Be religious, go to church, practice your faith, but please stop throwing it in my face! Because I'm not the biggest fan of religion (Understatement?), I don't need to know what your beliefs are, and I especially don't want to hear that I "need to be saved" or that I should "pray for" something.

These things just crossed my mind this afternoon. So, I thought I'd bitch about them.

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Why do bad things happen to good people...

Once in a while things that you think "only happen to other people" happens to you or someone you know.

I was recently saddened by the news of the accidental death of a 2-year old son of a form boss of mine. Click here to read a story about it.

It was just one of those rare accidents that happens to a loving family. I can't imagine what everyone in that family is going through, they didn't deserve this. Until they get through this, I'll send them all my best wishes and keep them in my thoughts.

It's one of those times when you have to ask yourself, "Why do bad things happen to good people?"

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July 31, 2006


It's hot today. So hot in fact, that the heat came into the office building, and well, by 2:30 it was 86 degrees in my office and 92 degrees in another office. I was sweating just typing an email. So, this sucked, but as a nice surprise, we were allowed to go home early and tomorrow we get to wear shorts if we so choose. I choose, I choose!

So, I went home and dinked around in the pool for about an hour.


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July 30, 2006

Wet shoes...

I still like playing in creeks. Like this one, Fleming Creek in A2. I tried to walk on the rocks to get across but only ended up with wet shoes!

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What fun is it to write about them...

I know I spend a lot of time on my blog ranting about people, but I think I get more and more amazed by the rudeness, lack of common sense, and unawreness of others that I see just about everytime I'm anywhere.

For example, today I'm at the grocery store and there are two "lanes of traffic" going up and down the aisles. So, what makes some dude think he is so above this process that he'd stop to get something off a shelf and not move his cart out of the way?

In another aisle, I saw the perfect example of what to do and what not to do. The what-to-do part... I turn down the aisle, and there looks to be a family of 5 crowded around one shelf to find what they are looking for. They barely take up half of one of the "lanes of traffic" between the 5 of them and their cart. Great! Thank you. In the same aisle, 10 feet away, there are two college-aged girls basically blocking the aisle. They parked their cart in the middle of the aisle and one girl was on one side and the other girl was at the shelf on the other side. Huh!?! Really!? And I was one of 3 people trying to get by. They were either being rude, clueless, or didn't use their collective common sense.

It really sucks that the bad people seem to amass more of the population than the good. Don't get me wrong, there are good people out there, but what fun is it to write about them?

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July 28, 2006

I'm ready for some football!

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July 27, 2006

15 Years of DJing...

One last push at this DJing thing I've been doing for 10 years now. Before I explain, a quick history. In Jr. High I was obsessed with radio. I'd call in a lot to try to get on the air, make requests, blah blah blah. I then tried, using CDs and a tape recorder, to recreate the weekend mixes that pop radio stations play, we're talking 1992-3 here. Then I got good at making those tapes and would make them for parties I used to have in my basement in High School. Then, with a little bit of experimenting, I actually started using two CD-players and a mixer and making the songs flow into one another. A few High School dances, wedding receptions, college house/frat parties, and charity gigs later, and here we are. I feel like I've done it all, weddings, birthdays, charities, parties, radio, but I'm missing the experience of DJing in a bar or club.

I know I'm not as good as some of those guys in the good dance clubs, and I never pretend I am that good. I feel I am good enough to DJ at a bar (In Ann Arbor, read this as Rick's, Touchdowns, Scorekeepers, but not the Necto or Millenium Club).

So, today's the day I start the new push. I'm on the verge of putting about $1-2000 into new equipment. I'm about to go around to various bars to introduce myself and see if they have any DJ needs coming up. Really, what's the harm in asking, right? I know that if I do get turned down, I'm going to have a ton of huse parties to do this coming school year. Those parties are my staple, that's what I love to do when DJing. Given the chance, though, I'd want to DJ in a bar or club.

So, let the push begin (Push the button, play a song?). Maybe soon, I'll be talking about 15 years of DJing.

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July 26, 2006

WTF for 7/26/06

My WTF for today is Shakey Jake. Personally, I don't really care who he is or what his background is, but for those of you who don't know, he's an Ann Arbor staple who you can find anywhere around Ann Arbor at anytime playing his guitar. Is he homeless? Did he used to be some kind of local rock/blues god? My WTF with him is the recent buzz about him (I guess I'm creating more of it now). First of all, when Art Fair was going on, I overheard one woman telling another that she was excited because she "heard Shakey Jake play over on Main Street." Then I read online that there is a push to get him 'wikied' on Wikipedia. Then yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that said, "I brake for Jake" and had a charicature of Shakey himself. Today, I find this!

So, why all the buzz. really, in my opinion, he's just a street performer. Not that good, not that bad, but relatively entertaining, but does he need to be an Ann Arbor icon, WTF!?

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July 25, 2006

I need a nap...

So, last night I had a very timely *sarcastic* dose of insomnia which caused me to call in 'sick' to work today. Granted, I'm not really sick, but it's times like this that make you realize how important sleep is to functioning in every day life. And I don't really get it. I was exhausted all day Sunday, I was dragging pretty bad yesterday. So, I thought I would be able to get to sleep with no problem at a respectable time last night. Apparently, my body had other ideas.

I guess, if I have to find a silver lining to this cloud, it's that insomnia, to this extent, rarely gets to me. I think December was the last time I had this happen. Or maybe I need to take a trip down to the U of M Sleep Institute (there is one, isn't there?)

With the insomnia and all this typing, I need a nap.

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July 24, 2006

I Was Cool in High School...

For those of you who have only known me since 1999 and on, you may have thought at one time or another, "This guy's kinda nuts, but fun" or something to that extent. I just recieved a message that reminded me that I've almost always been that way, and will prove the same to you.

From a former high school classmate...

I ran across some old mixed tapes you made me....oh some great tunes, it made me smile. It also reminded me of the time in your van on the way home from a volleybally playoff game when you acted out the words to "I believe I can fly" and when it came to the part "open door" you flung your door open as you were driving down the road. Don't know why but I don't think I'll ever forget that!

Yes, once again proving, I was cool in high school.

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Blogging For My Own Protection...

So, I'm going to try to turn over a new blogging-leaf, if you will.

Basically, I'm just going to try to post something every day. Somedays, it might be one sentence. I figure, since I'm the only one in America without a reality TV show (I like to exaggerate), this is the closest I'll get.

Plus, I figure, if I disappear, people will be able to figure out where I am because of clues in my posts. Really, I'm blogging for my own protection.

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Refrain From Using Such a Word...

Most of my blogs have been rants or stories. This one is a request. Many of my friends are having birthdays this summer. When your birthday comes along and you turn 21, 22, 23, 24, or 25, DO NOT say you are getting "old". You have no idea how that makes people on the bad side of 25 feel. At the very least, when you are about to utter the "o" word, think about who's in your presence. If it's me, refrain from using such a word.

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July 20, 2006

WTF for 7/20/06

Everything at Art Fair, but specifically the non-profit booths. Nothing says Ann Arbor like the Islamic booth next to the Planned Parenthood booth next to the Nudist booth across from the Stop Genocide booth which is diagonal from the Roman-Catholic Church booth (I don't think that last one should be non-profit).

I walked through this area last night and actually started laughing out loud when I saw some of the booths that were next to one another.

Good times.

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How 9/11 affects Lake Odessa...

So, apparently last Saturday, Lake Odessa held a...

...mock-emergency response exercise. The scenario was of a train which contained hazardous materials derailed by terrorists.

The participants, even the supposed victims, were “enthusiastic,? said Central Dispatch Director Bill Charon, and for their volunteer efforts were fed hot dogs and sloppy joes by the American Red Cross.

My first thought is, "Thank goodness someone is actually doing this!" I mean, LO is a hotbed for terror cells. If ever terrorists want to put all that time and effort into killing the 10s of infadels they would get by derailing a train in Lake Odessa, the joke is really on them.

My second thought is, "I went to a terror-training drill and a community picnic broke out. Yipee!"

But thank you, LOPD, you have truly used tax payer dollars to the best of your abilities. Have you located my friend's bike that was stolen in 1988 yet!?

Just another example of how 9/11 affects Lake Odessa.

(Quote is from the Ionia Sentinel)

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July 13, 2006

A couple of people...

Random observations of people...

This first one, could be one of my WTFs, but we'll give her a pass. There's a woman that I've seen a few times who runs around Burns Park for exercise. No big deal right? Ok, here the thing, first of all, she's usually running in nice clothes. I wouldn't call them business clothes, but I'd say that they are on the same level as khakis and a polo for guys. Everytime I see her I think, go to the store and buy some sweatpants and a t-shirt! The other odd thing she does, is that she runs her path, no matter what. I've seen her run though the middle of a group of people, two people playing catch with a baseball, and the shallow part of the outfield (like 2 feet from the infield) of a little league baseball game repeatedly. Do you ever see someone and think to yourself, "they just don't get it"? This woman doesn't get it.

People on my 8am are weird (that's why I fit in, right?). So, a few blogs below this, you can read about the smokies that ride that bus. Well, there's also the most anal-retentive guy on this bus too. He gets to the bus stop at about the same time I do, maybe like 2-3 minutes before the bus comes. Most people, around the busstop, kind of just hang out. They sit on the bench, lean up against the shelter, stand around. This guy makes sure to stand front and center to where the bus is going to pull up, and everyday he stands there with his hands behind his back, with his bag in his hands, and constantly looks around himself. I don't know if he thinks someone is going to come up and push him into traffic or if he's just looking to see if anyone is laughing at him (oh, we are laughing). OK, so we get on the bus, ride, blah blah blah, then he gets off the bus at the same stop as me. As soon as we go by the stop prior to mine, without fail, he pulls the cord for the stop request, then walks to the font of the bus, even if he's closer the to back exit, and stands right at the door, ready to exit. He's one of those people that just make you nervous... he makes you feel like you're going to miss your stop if you don't get ready too!

Anyway, maybe you had to be there, but that's just my obversation of a couple of people.

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July 11, 2006

WTF for 7/11/06

So, I could've written this one at any time over the last couple of years.

I've seen a lot of funky cars here in A2. From a car with plastic dinosaurs glued all over it, to a three-wheeled car. Today, though, I had yet another encounter with the pimped-out hearse... that is someone's normal, everyday car!!

What do I mean when I say "pimped-out"? It's not a normal black hearse, no, this one is grey. Oh, and I forgot to mention, it has orange windows. ORANGE windows! Oh my god, I wish I could find a picture of it to put up on here. Maybe I'll snap one of my own. But wow, I get a little freaked out whenever I cross paths with it.

That's my Ann Arbor, WTF moment for today.

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July 09, 2006

Detroit sports...

I'm now having weekly strokes due to what's going on with my pro sports teams in Detroit. The Tigers are on top!?!? Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to see the Tigers competitive and with the best record in the league. It takes me back to when they used to have yearly battles with the Blue Jays for the last playoff spot (Post-1987, pre-1994). But I was getting so used to the Tigers sucking it up, I don't know what to make of this new brand of Tigers team. I think I can feel a vein explode, both from excitement and disbelief, in my brain everytime they say on SportsCenter that the Tigers are in first!

Next cause of brain spasms, Stevie retiring. We all new it was going to happen. But if it had happened 3 years ago, like it probably should have, I wouldn't have this feeling like he was robo-Stevie and was just going to keep coming back until he died. And if he died, he probably would have found a way to remain the captain and take at least one draw from center. I feel honored to have seen him play (and to have almost stepped on one of his kids), but it's hard to think of next season without him.

So, Stevie retires, that's enough right... no. Then Ben Wallace decides he's had enough of the Pistons and goes to Chicago. I'm not mad he went to one of the Pistons' rivals teams, I'm just mad he left at all. He was the face, the personality, the defense, and the hair of the Pistons for the entirety of their recent upswing. I won't be able to watrch when the Pistons play the Bulls, it'll just be depressing to see Ben in a different jersey.

OK, two major stars in Detroit sports have left us. Can we stop that now? Oh wait, NO! Christ. Today I read this. Are you kidding me!? He went to a team that was offering him less money than the Redwings. The team that's been his for years, the team that got his name etched on the Stanley Cup, the team that he would now be sole captain of, he just left it!?

So, what's going to be next? At least it's just the pro teams. If something major kept happening to my Wolverines, I might actually be in the hospital (so, what, I'm overdramatic).

So, my predictions as to what might happen next to break the hearts of Detroit sports fans...

1. Barry Sanders comes out of retirement and signs with Green Bay only to help them win a Super Bowl.
2. Joey Harrington leads Miami to a Super Bowl championship.
3. Chauncey, RIP, and Tayshaun all buy out their own contracts and follow Ben to Chicago.
4. There's a clubhouse brawl between Kenny Rogers, Pudge, Carols Guillen, and Maggio Ordonez and they all decide to leave the Tigers.
5. Mike Illitch picks up the Redwings and moves them to Cleveland.

2006, a weird year for Detroit sports.

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Soup fans...

Soup Nazis beware. Meijer, this means you. I usually buy my groceries at Meijer... and once in a while at Kroger. Soup (I'm a huge fan of soup) usually ranges from $2-$2.89 per can of Campbell's Chunky and Progresso soups at each store when it's not on sale.

So, yesterday I was in Target to find some random things I needed. I forgot that Target now sells groceries. I deceided to wander thru the grocery aisles and see what was what. I looked at Target's soup prices. Depending on the soup, they were a full $0.50-$1 less than Meijer and Kroger!!! I was so happy/shocked that I bought 15 cans of soup.

Conclusion: Target is the place for soup fans.

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July 07, 2006

Get myself back on track...

I've been sucking at work lately. It took a random case of miscommunication (yet to be cleared up) for me to realize this. But I don't know how to make myself unsuck, besides putting in extra time.

Really it boils down to feeling swamped by my work load all of the time, but not really ever being that swamped! I don't know if it's just a disorganization thing, a physical factor (being tired, sick, or something), or if I'm getting bored with my job.

When I stop and think about it, I really do like what I do, where I work, and who I work with. So, it's hard for me to believe that I'm getting bored with the job.

I'm not really sure it could be a physical factor. I've been working out lately, I've been getting at least 6-9 hours of sleep every night, I've been working on eating healthier.

I am slightly disorganized at work, and it's something I want to work on, but I'm not any more disorganized than I ever have been, or that I am at home. I function pretty well at home.

Anyway, I don't get it, but I really want the sucking at work to stop. I want to do well for our alumni, my boss, and for myself. I take pride in my work and the effort I put in and the results that come from it.

Why couldn't I make $50,000 a year working behind the front desk at a golf course? Is that too much to ask?

Until that happens, I'll keep working to get myself back on track.

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July 06, 2006

WTF Moment (7/6/06)

So, I've told a lot of people that one of the things I love about A2 is that everyday I have a WTF moment. I'll give you an example of a recent one, then one I had today, and then I'll try to post them from now on...

Previously, I was riding my bike out in the neighborhoods between Packard and Washtenaw (west of Burns Park). I came up on a lot on some random street. It looked like someone built a house in the middle of some small words... ok, cool. As I get closer I see a wire fence blocking off a small area of the front 'yard'. I get closer, only to see that there was a life-size, white porcelin horse within that wire-fence pen. Has the horse run away before?

So, today, I was on my way to lunch at Afternoon Delight. Walking down Liberty from State Street, and a car turns from State onto Libery. Hanging from the cieling, in the backseat of the car... a plastic skeleton. What the F***!? Thus, it was my WTF moment for 7/6/06.

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Thank you

To the white-trash girls who get on the bus every morning... When you get on the bus, listen for a second. Hear that? That's the sound of quiet. When one word makes you think of a song, I believe the trigger word was "sign" this morning, there is no need to serenede the whole bus. We are not quiet on the bus because we are stunned by your beauty, aroma, or rock-star-like personality. We are quiet because it's morning, and it's the polite thing to do on public transportation. For those of us who do talk, we use our indoor voices. Do you remember in 4th grade being told to use your indoor voices? Of course, maybe I'm assuming too much, maybe you didn't graduate from 3rd grade yet.

As for the smell. I understand you smoke. Fine, whatever. But this is beyond smelling like smoke. Are you using a new Chanel Smoke Perfume? Or do you only smoke in your closet or underneath your dresser?

Thank you.

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Back at it

So, I had a nice few months off from blogging, but now I'm back at it.

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April 07, 2006

Welcome to Detroit...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This makes me laugh too.

Welcome to Detroit.

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April 05, 2006


We have a new blog site at work (HERE) which has inspired me to take a look at where I am in my life as someone who graduated not to long ago. I'm also going to milk saying, "I graduated not too long ago" until it becomes, "I graduated a long time ago." So, this inspiration drove me to write this...

When I was an undergrad there was a person in one of my groups of friends who was old. He had switched majors 2-3 times and had gone to school for about 6 years (I hope I'm remembering this correctly). Even though he was 2-3 years older than the rest of us (yes, even me) he still hung out with us, went to the bar, went to parties and related. I feel like he's my inspiration for where I'm socially at in my life right now. Obviously, I'm not still in school, but I still have friends who are, and so I go with them to the bar, I DJ their parties, I go to parties with them, and hang out with them and their friends. Yeah, they make fun of me for being "old," but I know my place. I know who and what I am.

When I think about where I'm at right now, I'm happy with it. A lot of times, when people leave school, the thing they miss the most isn't class, isn't living in the dorm, and isn't studying all night... it's the social part that they miss the most (The real world can hit hard). So, I feel like I've found that great middle ground. I'm making a living, I'm learning skills to use throughout my working life, but I'm able to maintain that social aspect of college that so many people lose after graduation.

Right now, I've got a good balance.

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April 02, 2006

The Abbreviated Version...

18 days later... here's another blog! So, you might be asking, "Matt Darby, where the hell have you been!?" And I would answer, "The upper midwest," without blinking an eye.

On March 20th, my dad flew into DTW and I picked him up and my mom came to Ann Arbor because they were going to stay in my apartment while I was gone from the 21st thru the 24th. Where did I go? Well, on the 21st we had an event for work in Chicago and on the 23rd we had an event in Minneapolis... and three of us drove to them!

The morning of the 21st we took of for Chitown. When we got in, we had time to eat and change and then it was off to have the event. The event went well, all was good. After the event, I met up with 3 friends and went out until late. Luckily for me, I have a great boss who knew I was going out and didn't make me get up at the crack of dawn to drive to Minneapolis. As always, going out in Chicago was fun, the bars were a little dead on that Tuesday night, but still fun.

So, Wednesday morning came and it was off to Minneapolis. We stopped for lunch in Madison and I saw a great view of the Madison skyline which was cool. I then drove all the way from Madison to Minneapolis... and straight to the Mall of America. I'd always heard a lot about the Mall, but I'd never been there. My thoughts... "Eh, no big whoop." I liked the indoor amusement park, but the mall part was just like two regular malls put together. It's not that I had any expectations, but I wasn't overly impressed.

Thursday, we had to check out of the hotel way before our event. So, it was back to the Mall of America. Then we had our event, which was being held at the University of Minnesota's alumni center (Awesome building!). The cool part of having the event there is that there was a banquet for the Women's Frozen Four going on at the U of Minn. So, there were speeches and highlight films. It was really interesting. I kept thinking to myself, there's not many people who will ever see this, and I'm seeing it now. (Side note: I was running our registration table which was in the lobby of the building. The lobby doubled as a large banquet room, thus I got to see all of Frozen Four banquet).

So, after our event, approx 9:30CST, it was off to Baraboo, WI (outside of Madison). We had to go there after our event because there were no hotel rooms left in Minneapolis/St. Paul because of NCAA basketball games and the Women's Frozen Four and whatever else. So, we got into Baraboo around 12:30am (Exhausted!).

The next morning, crack of dawn on Friday, we left for Ann Arbor and I drove the whole way back. All-in-all it was a fun/successful trip.

At this point, you might think, "Wow, well at least you had the weekend to recover and rest." Oh, no, you'd be wrong because that weekend was Dance Marathon. The Marathon is 30 hours long. I DJed 17 hours and helped with clean-up afterwards. This year at Dance Marathon I had the highlight of my DJing career! Every year at the Marathon they have an hour of dance party. Where everyone comes together on the dance floor and dances and goes nuts for an hour in the middle of the night. Really, I can't even describe it, but it was just crazy and so much fun.

After that week and that weekend, I got to spend a week at work playing catch-up and getting things back to normal. That is still a work in progress.

Sorry I took so long to update, but that's where I've been and what I've been doing... and that was the abbreviated version!

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March 15, 2006

Ugh, I'm done...

I think I need a mental vacation. People who I either don't really like or am indifferent about are really just bugging me. People who I like are starting to bug me too (No, not all of you.). It's not like I'm getting burned out at work or anything. Maybe I should rename this hypothetical vacation as a social vacation.

I'm just getting so tired of the lack of respect that people give others, whether it's me or something I see between other people. I would like to think that I'm not one of those people disrespecting others, but maybe I am and I don't know it. The only reason I feel like I'm not is because I find myself being disrespected a lot. And just to point it out, I'm not even talking about anything major. These thing could be a small as someone asking me to do something and I don't get a "please" or a "thank you" in return.

Another thing that falls into this is teasing when I'm not up for it. Now most of the time, I can take it and dish it out and not really care. But it seems like if you tease someone and they don't look too happy or don't play along or tease back, you probably shouldn't mess with them again. This doesn't seem to happen with me. Tease me once, fine. But if I don't give you a good/nice/playful reaction, stop, leave me alone. Is this not common sense when you're dealing with anyone?

Ugh, I'm done.

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March 13, 2006

Stuff That's Happened and the Problem with Blogs...

So, let me start with this. This past Saturday, I DJed a house party. I was told that they usually have their parties in the basement (The most ghetto basement I've ever DJed in). Fine, but the only problem is that it ended up that half the party was in the basement and the other half was on the main floor. Therefore, at that time of night when the crowd starts to thin out, it just disappeared from the basement and everyone left was upstairs. Whether they could hear my music or not, if I don't have anyone in front of me dancing, the night is over for me. So, I was basically done DJing an hour earlier then planned. So, 3 of my friends and I screwed around in the basement, by ourselves for a good 45 mins... and that was the highlight of the party.

I recently downloaded a program that I am referring to as the DJ Chico- or Bidel-replacer. This thing is awesome. It allows me to edit and combine MP3's. So, when the DJ needs to go on a bathroom break, or if the DJ wants to hit the dancefloor, I can put on a 15-minute mix that I created earlier and not have to worry about fighting thru the crowd, waiting for the bathroom, using the bathroom, and fighting back thru the crowd in 3.5 minutes. It'll never replace the feeling I get when I'm actually in control, but it's a nice new addition. And, of course, it will never replace DJ Chico. I do want to find a #2 DJ soon, especially before next school year when business will pick back up.

OK, so here's the problem with blogs: people read them. I want to tell stories, use names, give background information about people, places and things, but I never know who's going to read it and what they're going to think. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about specifically, and some of you know the jist of what I'm saying. I want to talk about a certain girl, and another certain girl, and another certain girl, but I can't. I want to talk about how that last sentence makes me look like a stud, even though I'm not... oh, I guess I did just talk about that ;). I want to talk about a few coworkers, both in good and bad ways, but I can't. Well, at least I can't bring myself to do it.

Since the last time I wrote, this is stuff that's happened and the problem with blogs.

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March 05, 2006

Grocery-shopping Clothes...

I've never understood when I've heard that one of the best places to 'meet' members of the opposite sex is at the grocery store. I've never understood it and I've never tried it. And I haven't really ever had a reason to try it. But now I'm intrigued, and now, even though I don't need to try it, I kind of want to try it.

What do you say as a male to a female in a grocery store? "Nice melons." *slap in the face* Ok, how about, "do you like creamy or chunky?" *kick in the crotch* Hmmm, ok, I think I got it this time, "I've got a pretzel rod with your name on it." *stabbed with a platic fork*

Seriously, if a grocery store is such a good pick-up place, shouldn't the technique be obvious!? I still don't get it, but I'm willing to give it a try.

But a note to self on this, don't wear jeans you've had since 1989 to the grocery store anymore. I guess I need some grocery-shopping clothes.

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What a 'blah' weekend! First, an exciting Friday cleaning and watching TV. I was in bed and asleep by 11 because I got up early and went to the CCRB to workout and play some basketball. Then I had to run up to Fowlerville to meet my parents for lunch (and take my dad from my mom). On the way, on the expressway, I had a tire go flat. So, I got to change a tire in 25 degree weather... fun! (read with sarcasm). So, my parents arrived where I was just as I finished changing the tire.

Anyway, my dad came back to A2 with me, and we went to the UM/IU b-ball game, just to see my Wolverines lose and play fairly crappy.

My weekend topped off by waking up at 5am on Sunday to drive my dad to Toledo. I went to Toledo and back from 5:30am-7:15am. So, it didn't take that long, but it was 5:30am, it was Toledo, and it was my dad talking about what the weather was going to be like while he was golfing in Myrtle Beach for the next too weeks. *grumble*

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March 02, 2006

Hot and not...

I have three pictures on hotornot. First of all, yes, I am a weirdo, thank you for asking/looking at me weird. Second of all, one picture is a 5.8, the other is 6.6, and the third is 7.6. How am I that different? How do i have that range? The picture I think is the worst, is the 7.6 picture! What!? How!? Therefore, I can conclude that I am both hot and not.

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Since I need to explain yesterday's blog to one person, maybe I should explain it to everyone. I was making fun of myself. Since I am not religious, every year I keep forgetting that it is Ash Wednesday when it is Ash Wednesday. So, all day long yesterday (like every year), I kept wanting to tell people that they had something on their face or I kept staring to try to figure out what it was.

For the part that I retracted, again, since I'm not religious, I wasn't part of this rather large amount of people I saw all over the place with ash on their foreheads. Therefore, I was not part of the group. But really, I don't care that I'm not part of this group of people.

If that doesn't clear it up, please let me know if any of you still find it offensive.

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March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday...

Umm, sir, you have something on your forehead. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize.

Umm, excuse me, I think you have something on your forehead. Oh, shoot, that's right, sorry, I forgot.

**Section retracted**

Happy Ash Wednesday!!!!!

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February 27, 2006


Apparently, I'm interesting. Which is news to me! I've heard from a handful of people who told me that not only do you read it, but you like it cuz you know what's going on with me. Either to know what I've been up to, or how I'm actually feeling about things (Ahem!). So, I'm glad that you're reading this, because otherwise this is just a journal, and a journal is just a male diary... yeah.

Anyway, I had an awesome weekend. Friday after work I went off to visit my parents. Dad had dinner ready when I got there, we then played about 15 games of pool (1 of them I won). Saturday dad was gone all day to help my cousin move, so mom and I went shopping and came back in time to watch the UM/OSU b-ball game on TV. Then is was off to the G-Rap to hang out with a bunch of fun peeps. I didn't realize how much I missed Grand Rapids until I drove over a bridge that goes over the Grand River and offers a great view of the GR skyline and all the city bridges lighted up. Then I got trashed at two bars downtown, had a particularly good time with one member of the group (don't read too much into that, perverts), and came back to AA on Sunday morning. All-in-all, a great time.

Then, Sunday evening, I met up with Sarah for dinner in Farm Hills... Oh the memories. That was a good time too, of course.

I'm now on day 2 of recovery.

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February 23, 2006

Is It Friday yet...

I have a fun weekend coming up and I can't wait for it. First I'm going home to visit my parents, have my dad kick my ass at pool, and finally take my dad out for his b-day.

Then I'm hanging out in G-Rap Saturday night, which I haven't done in forever and 4 days. The peep(s) I'm hanging out with should make for an interesting night too. Can't wait! Is it Friday yet!?

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February 22, 2006

Go Blue...

Another big win for the basketball team last night. I'm so glad I was able to get 2 sets of Maize Rage season tickets this year. To me, it is so much better than actually sitting through a game and/or getting yelled at by people behind you for standing up. Since my connections are gone, I have to see if I'm able to get those tickets/seats again through athletics. That may prove tough since they are really for students. I think I should be able to prove my rowdiness if it's questioned.

Go Blue!

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February 20, 2006

I like it when things are good....

I'm starting to appreciate life's twists and turns (as long as they aren't too horrible). One day I feel like I'm sucking at life (see blog from a few days ago), then a couple days later I have some interesting things happen, I kick a little ass at work, and I talk to a couple people, and now I'm liking life again. I like it when things are good!

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So much for that experiment too...

So, I got a new mixer (not the drink) and DJed with it for the first time with very little practice over the weekend. Dammit, I shoulda practiced more. Even though I got nothing but compliments, I wasn't happy with my performance, and that's what I go on. The weirdest part is that I couldn't get the easiest thing right, the volume! Are you kidding me!?!? I couldn't get the volume right? Ugh. So, now I'm determined to not let that $150 I spent on it to end up being a waste.

Side note, the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire... didn't go over that well with the crowd. So much for that experiment too.

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February 16, 2006

Calm Down, It'll Be OK...

There are three kinds of travelers. I see them in the airport, on the bus, and on trains. I see one type EVERYDAY on the bus, and they drive me NUTS!

First I'll start with the type that I am. I am the experienced, easy-going, allow-enough-time traveler. I make sure that I'm where I need to be on time, allowing extra time if i feel it's necessary. If I don't get to my destination on time, I realize it's out of my hands. I don't panic.

The second type is the type that doesn't annoy me too much. This type is way too relaxed when traveling. They think that have it all figured out and don't expect things to go wrong and end up missing their planes, missing their bus stops, or miss key information. I last saw this kind of traveler on A&E's show Airline. The show "Airline" features Southwest airlines and the good and the bad and the weird of the airline industry. The last episode I saw, a guy was complaining because he missed his flight, even though we was sitting right by the gate. He was pissed that the airline wouldn't help him out because he didn't hear the announcement to board. DUDE! Put down your paper and pay attention, look at a clock once in a while, and don't get pissed at other for your mistake.

The third kind of traveler kills me. Actually, they're so anal, they may end up killing themselves. These are the people that start lining up to board the plane as the plane is pulling up to the gate to let other passengers off. These are the people that I see everyday on the bus pull the stop-request cord repeatedly until they see the sign light up. In Ann Arbor, the worst that going to happen if they miss their stop is that they will have to walk an extra block... seriously?!? These are the people that start prying to open the doors of the subway before it has completely stopped. All of you, STOP! You're stressing me out. I try not to pay attention to you, but I see you and I hear you. You're stressing the driver out, and s/he is the one controlling your fate. Calm down, it'll be OK.

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February 15, 2006

An Unlucky Streak...

So, I've been sucking at life lately. I mean, I can't blame myself for being sick, but being out of it for 5 days makes you feel kinda sucky (eloquent, I know). To top it off, the day after I come back to work, I oversleep my alarm and come into work 2 hours late. ACK! To top that off, no one from work ever called me to see if I was even still alive.

So, yeah, I feel like I suck. Hopefully, I'm just at the low end of an unlucky streak.

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February 13, 2006


Dammit, I've been sick since Thursday. All I did all weekend was sleep. I missed 3 days of work. I slept for about a total of 3 hours last night. Why am I writing about this? Because it has consumed the last 5 days of my life. And that's just sick.

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February 08, 2006

I'd be hiding too...

The whole Denmark cartoon thing is really making me worried. Who would've thought Denmark would start WWIII? Obviously, you have to support freedom of the press and freedom of speech. The thing people seem to be overlooking is that with those freedoms, and all others, comes responsibility. You have a responsibility to use those rights appropriately. In this instance, the responsibilities were respect for others' religion and timing. Would we have liked it if someone from Saudi Arabia made 9/11 jokes on 9/12/01? Well, then i think it's understandable that someone from the Western World should not make jokes about Muslims at a time when they feel the Western World is invading them.

It may seem like a simple cartoon, but sometimes the simplest things can be a big slap in the face.

Now, this doesn't mean that I think all of this rioting and violence is worth one cartoon. Most of this violence is being lead by militants and extremists. They're always looking for some justification for violence against westerners. Look at Muslim leaders. They're trying to stop all this. They are urging peace. They were offended and they want Muslims to show restraint and tolerance.

Until this happens, if I were the cartoonists, I'd be hiding too.

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February 07, 2006

They were right...

I'm DJing for friends on the 17th. There is almost no way I wouldn't do it. It's for friends. DJing is one of my favorite hobbies. The parties are almost always fun for me. I'm meeting lots of cool people. Why wouldn't I do it!? They then offered to pay me. What? Why? I realize that they appreciate me DJing for them, but I don't want it; I won't take it. Not from friends, at least. I'm realizing how tough it is to tell people how much you enjoy something and any financial gain is either not needed or unwanted. I'm not saying any of this to make myself look good, but I'm saying it to show that as you get older, you find things you like to do just to do them.

Thus why "old" people have always told me that for a career, you gotta do something you love to do, regardless of the money you'll make. I think I understand now. They were right.

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I Don't Have a Big Ego...

This weekend I was informed that I was becoming a local celebrity with my DJing. Now, this person was kidding, but really, if I ever approach the status of a local celebrity with my DJing, I'm doing something wrong. My whole thing is that I like to sink into the background and let the crowd do its thing.

I was then informed that I'm becoming a legend (Van Wilder?). I would start to believe this because I have been around here DJing forEVER and a day.

So, to recap, legend yes, celebrity no. What? I don't have a big ego!

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February 06, 2006

Until the next time...

I guess I should update my regret thing from a few days ago. I'm pretty much over it. Just one of those things that comes in waves. Here today, gone tomorrow sort of thing. So, I'm good, until the next time.

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February 05, 2006

A Big Event...

So, with the Super Bowl in the D, all I keep hearing about is how, "I feel safe," "The people are friendly," "The city is so clean," "Detroit has really rolled out the red carpet," and "This city knows how to throw a party!"

Too bad the world media wasn't here 3-4 months ago. Before all of these projects, done only for the Super Bowl, were even started. It makes me sick to think that this is all just an act, the mayor has done a great job of changing the appearance of the city for this week. Monday, or maybe a few days later, it's back to normal. The trash will be back, the homeless people will be allowed back on the streets, crime will pick back up, the run down buildings will again stand out, and people will only go to a 6 block area with the casinos, RenCen, and sports arenas.

On the bright side, the city will have to do all of this over again for the Final Four. Just like they did for the MLB All-Star game. I wish Detroit could face the issues for more than one week leading up to a big event.

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February 03, 2006

Go Seahawks...

So far, I don't have any plans for the Super Bowl. Actually, I'm completely fine with that. I think the last time I got to sit down and actually watch the game and all the commercials was like 10 years ago! Super bowl parties usually don't allow for maximum watching. So, if nothing comes up, and I'm watching it by myself on my own couch in my pajamas, I'm not gonna sweat it.


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February 02, 2006

Your guess is as good as mine...

I woke up at 6:15 this morning, 15 minutes before my alarm went off. Why? You might ask. Well, above me I heard the rythmic squeaks of bed springs. Yes, from 6:15 to about 6:20, it was slow, it was fast, it stopped for a second, it started again, it was fast, then it was done. So, as to what was going on... your guess is as good as mine.

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February 01, 2006

The City of Detroit...

I'm not this negative, but I don't want the Steelers to win. They've won so many championships in their history, the city of Seattle has one... an NBA championship. I really could care less if Jerome Bettis is from Detroit (Hey media, stop forgetting that Larry Foote is from Detroit). Detroit is still a horrible, horrible city, despite what some may say. They cleaned up and painted only the area outsiders will see (read: downtown and I-94 between DTW and downtown). Sure the downtown area is OK and has been improved, but almost all of the residential areas are poor, crime-ridden, and run-down. Want to find a good "part of Detroit"? Go to the 'burbs. Detroit's public transportation needs a major overhaul, which will never happen because 'we' obviously want people to drive as many cars as they can at one time.

My top 10 best things about the city of Detroit:
1. The Redwings (Sorry Pistons, you're in Auburn Hills... good call!)
2. Comerica Park
3. Ford Field
4. The RenCen
5. Its Origin/History
6. Access to Canada
7. Casinos that keep us from having to travel up north or to Vegas
8. UDM
9. Tigers pre-1990
10. Lions (Only because they are an NFL team)
Honorable mention: Greektown (eh, no big deal), Detroit River (Only half ours), Campus Maritus (too new to know if it's worth the money spent yet), THIS (Because it makes me laugh out loud!)

My top 10 best in Detroit is kind of sad, but so is the city of Detroit.

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How dumb I can be...

Yeah, that regret from a few days ago... worse now.


On the other hand, it's something I've been through before, and I'm still here, aren't I? No, really, am I?

Sometimes I don't realize how dumb I can be until I realize how dumb I can be.

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January 31, 2006

Take the stairs once in a while...

I rediscovered (again) working out last night. Gotta try to set goals for myself as far as number of days per week that I'll do something I consider "working out." We'll see how long that lasts. We're doing a workout thing at work too, so that'll help motivate me.

For New Year's, I made a simple New Year's resolution to just be more mindful of what I eat. I think just keeping health in my brain will motivate me enough to have a salad instead of fries or skip the elevator and take the stairs once in a while.

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January 30, 2006

Killin' me....

There aren't many things that I regret in my life. The problem is that I let the things that I regret fester inside me for a very long time.

Somedays the regrets that fester kill me inside, especially when I have a bad day. Today, which hasn't been the greatest day, at least one of them is killin' me.

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Let's see, Saturday was one of the best days of 2006 so far. First a quality win for basketball over Wiscy. Then a quick change and off to DJ the DM Charity Ball, which went very well. Those in charge seemed surprised and happy it was my 5th year doing Charity Ball.

Sunday I did nothing but sit on my ass and nap and eat.

Those three things combined made it a good weekend.

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January 27, 2006

Give it a rest...

Crap about the Michigamua is back in the Daily and around on the web. This is rediculous!

I liken the enemies of the Michigamua to this:
There are people who protest the Cleveland Indians, the Washington Redskins, and the Atlanta Braves because of their Native-American mascots. Fine, this is like the people who protested the old Michigamua. If the Redskins, Braves, and Indians made these mascots more empowering, not as sterotypical, and less cartoon-like, then these teams have improved their image and themselves. Well, this is what the Michigamua has done, but they still have their protestors and enemies.

Michigamua is elitest, this is true, but it has worked hard to clean up its image. There are female memebers, there are members from diversity groups, and the group no longer uses Native-American artifacts in inappropriate ways. The group is now, truly, the leaders and best of U of M. With respect to my University of Michigan, I am not proud of this group's past, but I am proud of its current change and excited for its future.

Michigamua haters, give it a rest.

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Stupid snooze

Note to self, stop hitting the snooze button so damn much. Even though I'm a male, I do need mroe than 15 minutes to get ready for work in the morning. Oh, and self, on a related note, stop being such a lazy ass!

Stupid snooze.

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January 26, 2006

It's Great to be a Michigan Wolverine

Exhausted this morning. Last night I spent 2 hours screaming and jumping around rooting the Michigan basketball team on to a victory over the sparties. Even though this is only our 2nd win over MSU in the last three years, those two wins were my last two UM/MSU basketball games I attended. Good times. Now I gotta figure out how to get Maize Rage students tickets next year. (Am I too old for this?)
Maybe I am too old for this, but it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine.

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