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February 27, 2006


Apparently, I'm interesting. Which is news to me! I've heard from a handful of people who told me that not only do you read it, but you like it cuz you know what's going on with me. Either to know what I've been up to, or how I'm actually feeling about things (Ahem!). So, I'm glad that you're reading this, because otherwise this is just a journal, and a journal is just a male diary... yeah.

Anyway, I had an awesome weekend. Friday after work I went off to visit my parents. Dad had dinner ready when I got there, we then played about 15 games of pool (1 of them I won). Saturday dad was gone all day to help my cousin move, so mom and I went shopping and came back in time to watch the UM/OSU b-ball game on TV. Then is was off to the G-Rap to hang out with a bunch of fun peeps. I didn't realize how much I missed Grand Rapids until I drove over a bridge that goes over the Grand River and offers a great view of the GR skyline and all the city bridges lighted up. Then I got trashed at two bars downtown, had a particularly good time with one member of the group (don't read too much into that, perverts), and came back to AA on Sunday morning. All-in-all, a great time.

Then, Sunday evening, I met up with Sarah for dinner in Farm Hills... Oh the memories. That was a good time too, of course.

I'm now on day 2 of recovery.

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